Evil boners Farmers Gang

So I recently counted how many bones i needed and found our that I needed 2000 evil bones. What were the devs thinking on this mats.

I’m kinda curious since the mobs are low HP and low AP nodes. We don’t need to bring the high efficiency teams. Where do you guys farm? The 15 AP one or the tedious 4AP one? What comps do you use to save time? Do you bond farm this nodes?

  • Giant Bridge X-C - Fuyuki 4 AP node
  • Blazing Forest X-G - Fuyuki 15 AP Node

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Never had an issue with bones, but if I’m in the place of people who needs bones in Fuyuki, i’ll pick the 4AP nodes

More runs is not a problem if you use FGA or any auto clicker

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I just go nuts on HQs for the most part, but if I’m impatient then I use the node in Shimousa since I can also bond farm reasonably there.

I wait for them to appear in raids and lottos so that I don’t need to farm Fuyuki. AP better spent on whatever the latest gold mat happens to be.


I guess that’s the downside of being a whale. You need lots of Gold Mats. So far, my needs boil down to the big 3 of bronze mats. Though bones outnumber them by a huge huge margins.

I do plan to farm atleast 100 boxes on the upcoming lotto so that’s down 300 bones out of 2000.


I agree with this. FGA is a god send for these bone nodes especially when you clear it after waking up.

It’s been forever since I nee2to actively farming bones on free quests, but the 15ap one all the time. The 5ap one gives you 3x the loading screens for roughly the same apd. Kekko desu.

But after 30 appels on a bone hunting quest and 200 boxes on a bone lottery and no drive to skill up those launch low rarity bone eaters, I’ve managed to keep a 400+ stash on hand for a long time now


I need a shit load of bones that not even the old bunny fest lotto can save me so I farm the 15 ap node a lot

I use this team


Used to be in the 15 AP gang. There’s still a few low rarities wanting to be boned, but I’m free of the thing for the most part. Stakes are the new bones now~


It’s exactly those low rarity servants that demand the most bones.

It’s not exactly a priority but making everyon 9/9/9 is a pain.

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I’ve dealt with boning everyone I care to bone, but I still occasionally pop on FGA for Fuyuki X-C when I’m not in the mood to press buttons myself, since pretty much any card from any Servant will guarantee a kill, and then I walk away and make a snack or something.


My Chaldea app tells me XF is better, probably because I need 2000 dust as well :man_shrugging:

But if it’s just down to those 2 choices, I prefer Blazing Forest.


X-F you say? I do need the dust as well as the bones. Hmm. Perhaps I should change locations.

I’ve been doing the 15 AP one, with a berserker team. It is fairly mindless three and out as long as you don’t get all the same person for cards.


I would think that if you need 2000 bones you probably need at least 2000 dust as well. I needed 2500 a few months ago, thankfully I have managed to farm 500 :grimacing:


I used the Chaldea app and it told me I needed like around 500 dusts left.


Usually I would go with all of my bullshit “who cares about farming when there’re l o t t o s”, but given existence of FGA it’s a really good question
So if I were to farm bones (I actually don’t have ever again since Xmas2020) I would just go for X-C with FGA, since it’s a great spot to farm FP too. Since it’s way more benefiting to equip flat bonus CEs (e.g. BotJ, HSP) rather than % like Lunchtime

And to anybody farming X-G: after 6th anniv X-C becomes the best spot AP/d-wise


Wow, that’s pretty good going then!

Here’s my demands :fgo_sadtomoe:

Bones for comparison


I usually farm X-E for the void’s dust bonus since I’m not dust rich either. If I wanted to build up claw of chaos and bones simultaneously I would go to the dark forest despite the 2.6% claw drop rate, but that isn’t going to happen because shishoufest. I’m not farming bones until shishoufest, like I’d rather farm FQ’s for quartz, mirrors, or perhaps shells since shells are on so many summer servants.

If I were picking from above nodes though I’d pick X-C for the 1 APD improvement. I’m not going to burn apples on a regular node so I’ll just run the maximum loading screen% since all the enemies are 1 shots with or without buffs.

Back when I was farming extra bones in no-event downtime for ascensions and vital skills, I actually used Sandstorm Desert in Camelot. It provides more master and mystic code experience per AP (and bond too, since I did not have my own Heroic Portrait at that point) than farming in Fuyuki, and the Sphinx on the stage almost always drops a gold ember which was helpful to stash. For the most part, though, I’ve just waited for hunting quests and lotteries whenever I can. If I needed to do some extra farming outside of that at this point (unlikely since the remainder of my massive bone needs are mostly skills on servants I don’t use as much), I’d probably just do X-C for the simple reason master and mystic code experience is useless for me at this point since I’ve completely maxed them out, and it would mean more FP per AP (which I’m trying to build on too).


I do think one of the major downsides to farming bones atm is the horrible bond gains. Once upon a time I wouldn’t have given a shit, but times have changed, huh :fgo_bbsmile: