Evolution event quest not mentioned on GamePress's quest page

Got two of these yesterday. As I’m a RC hound, I think they are good. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Feebas to evolve. I’ll start walking one, and hope I can pick up the quests again before the event ends. 9 RC for evolving 1 Feebas is a great deal.

As mentioned in the title, this quest is not mentioned in Gamepress’s quests page that covers the Evolution Event. I looked for a “report an error on this page” link to mention this to Gamepress, but couldn’t find one. Want the most informed PoGO community to be aware of this quest.

I’ve never even used one of the Unova stones and I have 7 in my bag, but I hear a lot of clamoring for more of them. Some of ya’ll need to beat Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo anyway


Did the “evolve an Onyx” quest last night and got a shiny Scyther, but I used my last metal coat on the Onyx. Now i need to look for the metal coat quest tonight

I liked the one: evolve using an evolution item. Got a Clamperl, decent return since overall I have lots of candy to spare but not much clamperl candy

I delete the Feebas one as soon as I see it. I don’t like throwing away Milotics that I spent time to walk.

As for the Unova stone one, I only keep 1 at a time, it takes me 2-3 hours trying to do it, similar time on average as Hatch 5 eggs for 3 rare candy.

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Gamepress reports that there’s a bug, it doesn’t require 3 wins against Rocket leaders, it requires 3 battles (despite what the quest says). This implies that you could simply go in with three garbage pokemon, lose quickly, and send the KO’d garbage to the professor. Repeat three times, and you’ve got your Unova stone, and still have your Rocket Radar for the next one.

I haven’t found this quest in our neighborhood (no one has, our group would report it to everyone), so I can’t speak from experience, but I’d love to know if that’s true or not. Comments appreciated.


It’s patched now.

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Pity, would have been a nice little hack. Thanks for the info.