Evolution materials mission page error

There’s a total of 5 evolution shards instead of the 4 indicated in the guide page. Attached below is proof as I have 10 shards remaining instead of 9 (I have obtained and used as many shards as possible currently, including on Hilda, Lyra, Kris, Viola, Pryce, Barry and of course, Rosa) Funnily enough, I only got 4 shards on my first go and thought it didn’t make sense so I went in again to check, but I got the fifth on my second try (in a rock next to Roark in the 3rd room that I apparently missed)

Hi! I went ahead and made the change on the page so it should be accurate now. Thanks for pointing out the mistake! If you have any other questions or concerns with the page please feel free to contact me at jackkimchi#0368 on Discord as well!