I am a main NA player but I have a side jP account f2p I do BUSTER in NA but this jP account have been doin crazy rolls in like every single time I spend quartz and final given me the last straw to give her some attention cause of these crazy rolls I (rolled 3 time 10x)

Now I know I have castoria at np3 but I have all the premier arts support down to waver

I am just overwhelmed which to properly raise first my gut tells me to do waver or Tam cause I have mats but the 45%attack boost from castoria temps me btw I have Lance at np2 so I’m leaning to him as main attacker along with my Odysseus at NP5 yep I got 4 all at once wish I screensshot it but I lost my shit after what happened


I would have put this in #fate-grand-order:q-a , feel free to ask a mod if you can’t change it for whatever reason. :fgo_gudako:

Gratz for real! That’s amazing!


I can’t wait until Ody comes out for NA. :catlie:

I would prioritize raising Waver or Reines for general usage.

If you want to farm quick I would raise Castoria and Ody to 3 Turn hands and stuff until you can farm for your other Servants.

Oh! Then Max Waver!

Castoria requires lb 4 (Genesis Eggs) and lb 5.1 mats (Comet Shards), sooo unless you have some from Events or if you can farm those already it’s unlikely you’ll have the mats to invest in her.

He’s better on an Arts Crit team, Castoria works but I would put him with CasGil, Lanling and Chiron too (maybe Chiron Plugsuit into Castoria?)

And with Odysseus you can put him on a farming comp with Support Castoria (until you get your own maxed out), Hohenheim (Support Nero Bride/Castoria if you have your own) and Plugsuit Waver.

Do you have a K-scope by any chance? That would help farming a lot too.

I would see what other people have to say as well, this is what I think at least

Most important point tho Raise Waver first if you can get him as close to max skilled as possible, since Castoria needs lategame mats (if you can farm those then feel free to invest in her, but I would still prioritize Waver if you can max him, or get him closer to maxed)


THANKKK YOU so much I knew it you can’t go wrong with waver…I have his skill mats ready as for castoria I think I’ll leave her skills 1/1/1 and max her levels as much I can for now and exploit the 5x exp event and yep I remember casgil the only piece I’m missing for a arts crit along with emiya…I could use an emiya alter too for a set hahahah so I’mma be prio reines waver and ody for skills and but can you lend me yur opinion about Vlad? I need some kind of an all arounder should I raise him over Lancelot? Or should I do salieri instead…sadly I only have imaginary element but I’m peppered with 2030s my kit so out of synch with my ce hahah I guess that’s my drawback

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Almost forgot I knew fionn already is good in JP and luckily I never burned him cause I don’t really hate him hahaha I got him on np3 so he may have a looping potential too should I put him on my select list too?

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PS thanks for the tag recommendation I changed it already :)

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He’s actually a strong looper but you need to get him to 10/10/10 or really close to that for him to really shine, but yeah I’d put him on the list.

Actually with Castoria maybe not


Btw here’s my ARTS lower star list if you can recommend any of these guys I know I’m sure I’mma be needing hundred persona I need her NP5 too asap as I have no shiki access on my jP but I’m conflicted with my arch because both are good… William or Robin?

Upon further reading yew bows poison shenanigans win the np games hahaha I think I’ll comeback for William after I got casgil hell do well with my lanling too

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Waver/Tam/Vlad is a staple arts team that can tackle a large majority of non-boss fights. You can still make this work even if Tamamo’s and Vlad’s skills aren’t maxed (you could also bring a support 10/10/10 Tamamo). I haven’t really used Vlad without those two but if you support him properly, he can take care of many things for you.

Definitely raise Waver right away. His mats aren’t as difficult as some of the other supports and since you already have them ready, you can’t really go wrong.

Even if you don’t have CasGil, Lanling can provide arts crit support and his ascension mats are pretty easy even though he’s a LB3 servant. Since we have 5x success rate up and 1/2 AP dailies, you can probably farm enough exp to easily max a few more servants. It would probably be a crime for you to not use NP5 Odysseus lol. If you need a good ST arts rider, Mandricardo is a lot of fun. I used Robin as my ST arts archer when I was new in JP strictly because his mats were easier than Euryale’s as I had no way to farm hearts. I’ve always wanted to use William Tell but just never had the need.


Uhhh okay Vlad is interesting, because with Castoria he’s like super good tier (I mean Vlad was already pretty good on a standard arts looping team)

I don’t have experience with Vlad (especially on JP) so I can’t say which one is better or worse in general but both are strong options.

Hmm I wouldn’t really recommend Salieri too much since I don’t think there are enough Ruler fights to justify using him (there is one in LB3 and 5.2 but those are hell and a support/ your own Jalter is best there)

Ahaha, for an arts Crit team 2030 is god tier, also put that on Waver, still god tier.

And Ody has at max a 30% battery (25% @ lv 6 iirc) so if you have an MLB Imaginary Element that should work too.

Robin overall is far more consistent so for gameplay purposes easily Robin.

From your other Servants I would level Hohenheim (for arts looping) and Asclepius (although Castoria is very similar to that latter), and I guess Mozart is good for CQs with his nice Arts buff and 50 stars on demand, I wouldn’t quite prioritize any of these yet tho, except maybe Para for arts looping, Jason can also loop Lancer nodes if you’re having trouble with those but I wouldn’t recommend raising him quickly

Mandricardo…he’s a good investment for ST riders although I feel like an NP5 Ody should do enough Damage and have enough utility anyway

So yeah that’s what I think.

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Yep it will be a crime he’s not maxxed leveled yet yet the amount of refund you get without anybody’s help is insane due to the maxxed out np damage…yep I’m looking at Mandy for that rider st dmg he on my select list now…but for now I’ll focus on np damage since I can abuse my castoria np even without max skills what about salieri though for some general damage? Should I prio him too for farming?

Thank you sooo much for the detailed help…I guess I’ll pass on that SCREEEEEE! moment for now and do Robin and Vlad

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So to summarize here’s my plan before I drive into farming
Skill and Exp levling priority in order
Castoria - Levels only

Hundred Persona

Sides if there are excess
DaVinci(I missed out on sieg rerun so depressing) Mandricardo

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The only reason I wouldn’t prioritize Salieri over some of the others (and this is just a personal thing) is because of the ascension mat requirements for Avengers. Unless I love the servant and I really want to use them, I would usually prefer to save the mats for other servants’ skills. If you have tons of mats stockpiled, then it probably won’t be an issue. At level 70, unless you plan to grail him, I’m not sure what his damage output would be on neutral mobs with your current setup. You have NP5 Odysseus who could probably outdamage him on neutral targets while not being super niche.

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Hmm, just so you know Hundred Face and Castoria need a lot of investment to really shine (so like 10/10/10 and maybe Grails for Hundred Face), but they’re super worth it I’d say.

But those are good priorities. :fgo_ereshpeek:

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I always miss this

You have NP5 Odysseus who could probably outdamage him on neutral targets while not being super niche.

Thank you I forgot how traumatizing avenger and ruler mats are… I’m looking at you jalter and amakusa on my NA account.

Thank you for reminding

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Thankssss again soo much…yep I plan to grail her up to 90…is it too much? or 80 would do just fine?

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Both of them are good, it depends on who else you’re gonna Grail, although I would say 90 is enough for her if you’re not wanting for Grails elsewhere.

Who are you planning to Grail on this Account?

Many say it’s a waste to grail 5star but I’m planning to max out Ody to reach his peak damage potential…then imma do Robin to add more bulk to that sexy damage and tights hahahaha :) these are based on instincts am I in the right path though? I almost grailed my Merlin before on my na but I luckily realized and convinced myself he is support and I’m just getting hyped for getting him hahahah

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Those aren’t bad options!

Robin is easily worth Grailing and it helps him out a lot, and since you have an NP5 Ody it would make sense haha

Although tbf for early Grails I’d do Hundred Face and Robin first, since to get Ody from lv 90-100 you’ll need like 300+ Embers and 5 Grails which is a lot and it would be quicker and easier to get Robin to like 80 than Ody to 100 from lv 90.

When you get more and still don’t really want to Grail anyone else then Grail Ody.

Actually there’s this thing where people Grail Supports to lv 92 (and keep them there) so that they appear higher up on Support lists so people use them more, although imo I wouldn’t really recommend doing this unless you really want that FP and have like an MLB Bella Lisa or Chaldea Teatime on them or something.

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