EX Luck/Salt

Didnt found a thread with that topic, which is why i thought “Lets made one”

Did you ever rolled on a banner, got a 4* or even 5* servant but was still salty, because you didnt got what you wanted?
I rolled for BB Summer and used over 450 Quartz and i got 4 x MHXX, 3 Medb Saber, Altera and even Osakabehime and im still salty,because i rolled for Summer BB >_<

Am I weird that im still salty?

Right now im struggling not to buy another Quartz Pack, which is also the reason why i made this thread.
Maybe you guys can help me and encourage me, that i should not buy another pack because there is no reason to be salty X_X


I meeaann, its about expectations I suppose. With every roll, your anticipation for your desired results grows and you technically never got the “right” outcome. There are a number of salt/spook threads though so you can maybe find some company for your misery.

If it makes you feel any better, I rolled about half as much (210 SQ) and all I had to show for it was an NP upgrade for one of my SR servants. I personally take solace in the idea that there’s always the rerun. I can take a moment to recollect my calm (and my SQ) and try again next time. There are also other great servants out there and they might release something I could want more than what I missed.

As they say, don’t make decisions while you’re emotional. Buying quartz is the only aspect of the game that can affect you in real life, and make sure its wise or allowable in your current state. Just make sure you’re not just reacting to anger/frustration.


No, you are not. We all feel that way.


I mean, you got rather lucky. Summer BB is great but her niche isn’t very widely applicable. Mhxx, in a biased opinion is good and Summer thot I have no comment that wont be taken poorly so :fgo_casgilworry:


Literally everytime I summon

“Oh, Fujino looks cool” I got Shiki and Osakabehime

“Damn, Achilles is hot!” Got Chiron, Helena and NP2 CasGil

“Nito looks amazing with that swimsuit” NP2 Nobbu, Atalante, Valkyrie and Lobo

I don’t like to complain about my luck because at least I always get something everytime I summon, but I hardly get my target, it’s annoying


a wise man once said something to me,
“Learn to love anything you get, not thou who you wanted before”


When I was rolling for Gorgon when she only just came out on NA I got a Beowulf and was absolutely furious about it.

During the last banner that had Anne Bonny & Mary Read Archer I tried pulling for them; I got Tamalancer, Caster of the Nightless city, Titty monk, and Anne & Mary Rider.


Gacha is a cruel mistress.
Just look at how many people who did not get who they want even in the guaranteed summon GSSR.

I want to feel salty, but I have no right to.

NP5 MHXX, third copy of OG Artoria, Summer Thot, third copy of Achilles, third copy of OG Jeanne, Zerker Vlad…
I don’t have BB, but I have literally every other summer Servant this year…

I have absolutely no right to be salty…

If you have rolled an army of 33 boudicas and 3* friend point summon ce’s then you know the true taste of salt.

NP2 BB, Ozy (dupe), Anastatia (dupe), and NP5 Summer Medb in roughly 350 SQ. No intergalactic cutie to show off my Gunpla kits to. I’m still mad.

Altera and Osakabehime spooks? Nah. You are justified in your salt. In fact, you are not salty enough. My condolences for your suffering.

Somehow feels…disingenuous seeing that come from the Mapo Tofu Priest

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As Non-Believer, i still believe this is sarcasm
Otherwise someone needs to explain me this X_x

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Mapo Tofu is a great roll. Osakabehime and Altera are trash rolls. This genuine fake priest would much prefer a min roll consisting solely of Mapo Tofu than those awful servants. You get more use out of Mapo Tofu to level up craft essences. I bet he does not even have the courage to burn those fraudulent servants for their rare prisms. They will just sit there and collect dust, unlike the extremely spicy delicacy.

Amen, priest!

Teach something valuable to all the lucky ones that disdain Mapo Tofu and appreciate only SR / SSR servants.

They have no idea what they are missing.

But i forgive them all.

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It’s not too bad though, you rolled 450SQ, and you got 7 SRs including 4 good ones.
For Maid Alter I rolled 700SQ and I got only 6 SRs including Beowulf. I ended up going 950SQ between SSRs. I did roll BB.

So don’t be salty, it could be a lot worse. Also, BB is not that good. You can use mine if you want!

Well I don’t think I deserved to be salty but, I was hoping to get spooked by Diarmud(saber) so I spammed my tickets until another Castoria showed up, I was already satisfied having one on my main, but well in the end it’s all rng

I think you are perfectly justified being salty.

You had your heart set on and were Working and saving for BB not the others. Anyone would be salty.

And you aren’t alone. I have failed to summon her so far. I am going to make another attempt Wednesday, but with the SQ and tickets I have left, my odds are less than 50/50.

But, like I tell everyone, neither of us should give up hope! We got till the 22nd to get her! We need try and get all the sq and tickets between now and then and just keep trying!

And should we fail we will have two more chances next year during the rerun and New year banner! Not to mention GSSRs!

So be salty, you earned that right. But don’t give up hope!


It is your Gil given right to be salty over whatever.