EX Mewtwo Clarification

As I read the announcement, any EX raids on September 25 and forward will be Mewtwo.

There is a growing number of people in my community who think it is any EX invites sent out on September 25 and forward will be Mewtwo. That is, the EX raid I have already been invited to on September 28 is still going to be Deoxys.

Can anyone please clarify which is correct.


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This line from the announcement would indicate that players will start receiving Mewtwo EX invites on the 25th. So invites before that date (such as the ones for the EX raid on the 28th) should be for Speed Deoxys.

Overall, any thoughts on this disappointment they are going back to MewTwo for Ex-Raids? So really nearly 3 years and two pokemon available in Ex-Raids - I know they both had multiple forms, but cone on - just dolfing back functionality for bigger payoffs down the roada? Is the new move from the ex-raid for Deoxys SP going to be better or worse than Psystrich that was deployed What should they really do???

They said that Shadow ball on M2 would always be obtainable only on Ex Raids, but they never said that it shouldn’t return. Humorously there is a big group of people who are pretty interested in SB M2.

Shiny M2 with Psystrike got only a week on raids, so you can’t compared to shiny Ray f.e., which got whole month.

We have enough time in the future for shiny gen. 4 legendaries and gen. 5 legendaries.


I’m not disappointed in the least. Mewtwo is awesome. I am surprised they aren’t going with Darkrai though perhaps they are waiting until October for that.

Yes, Niantic is being tricky. This definitely wasn’t the original announcement. They changed the wording to make it clear. Thank you so much BlameScott!

I am also not disappointed. Some of the people who got the Shadowball Mewtwo the first time around don’t play anymore. Some new people have started playing since then. It all balances out.

I agree, it’s M2 and ShB may not be its signature move, but it’s definitely one of the most characteristic and widely attached to it in the Pokémon lore. However, balancing legacy things out is not much of an argument because there’s plenty of legacy moves that are wanted back and simply won’t be, especially for PvP. I’m talking about ShB Hypno, Thundershock / Discharge Magneton, Mud Shot Poliwrath, Confusion Eggy, Dragon Breath Gary/Dnite, etc.

I know, we got our chance with Lapras and a kind of alternative with Gengar, but those are exceptions.