Ex-raid Question - Regigigas

I did a Heatran raid outside of my normal raiding area last weekend and, of course, that’s where I received my ex-raid pass for the week. I have no idea whether it’s a location where folks participate regularly so I’ve got a question.

Can three trainers (39, 39, 40) take down Regigigas if each goes in with a team of six level 35 C/DP Machamps?

By the looks of things, it’s technically possible though it will probably be fairly difficult, requiring lobbying at least once, probably twice, so be careful of the timing so you don’t all faint at once and cause the boss’s health to regenerate. Cloudy Weather and/or Friendship bonus will take the edge off though.

Chances are though, more people will turn up. One additional player and it’ll be a relative breeze.

Thought I read Somewhere last week was the last regigigas ex raid. Speculation was Arceus for this new cycle but I haven’t seen that confirmed.

I depends on the attacks Regigigas will have in the best case you can beat him with three, but if he has Giga Impackt it will be a diificult fight. If you are best friends that will help an make it a bit easier but stilll very hard. All those Machamp’s are 100% IV (or at least 15 attack) because otherwise it will make the fight harder once again…

I would try and be there when the raid starts and hop in with the group, or try to get a friend to come along just to be safe.

As long as there not has been a official acouncement all the passes that are given out are still for Regigigas

I got pass on 23 Jan. And i hope that they will announce that Regi will go away. Maybe Keldeo will be next ex raid boss.

Yeah just finished one and it was still regigigas. Ready for a change.

If you already got the pass it will be Regigigas. Only the passes that are given out after the anouncement will be for the new Ex Raid Boss, up till now it has always been so.

So will next week’s also be Regigigas?

Yes the passes that you got this week (for next week raids) will still be Regigigas…

Thank you. Sorry for the dumb questions as I thought I heard last week was the last week for him. I just re-started playing in late November and my first EX Raid was in December so I’m trying to figure out how things work.

No problem, and I don’t think your question was dumb or so… So if we can help you just ask (and hopefully we will know the answer :wink:)

Yes, your question wasn’t dumb. What IS dumb is that we are STILL getting Regigas over a month after this was posted.


We had Mewtwo for a year, then Deoxys (all four formes) for a year, so I do not expect the EX Raid boss to change that soon.


The only change I need is for Niantic to stop dropping EX passes for mid-week raids. Doesn’t matter when you do the triggering raid, it always seems to be 1300 on a week day, when most people work.

We had EX Raids on Saturday the first (of this month) at 1pm…

I hate the current system. It’s almost completely disincentivized me from trying to get EX passes. I try to snag them, sometimes, on weekends, and keep my fingers crossed Niantic doesn’t F me. Hasn’t worked this year, so far.

It doesn’t matter when you play the EX Gym the EX Raid is on a fixed day (tuesday), stays like that for some time then the next day (wednesday) and so on.

It only matters to be with the last X number of players to be choosen to get the pass but for the playing day it doesn’t matter when you play the raids…

I wasn’t aware that was the case. Is it just times that the system tries to mimic?


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