EX Raids if? When? How?

The title, slightly expanded, do we think:

If EX raids will ever come back?

When might this be?

Most importantly, now remote raiding is a thing and is clearly a massive revenue source, how will they work?

We can ask these questions about lots of things in the game. When will remote raiders do less damage? When will eggs go back to full hatch distance? When or will we go back to not getting guaranteed gifts from stops and only being only to hold 10 at a time & open 20?

To try and answer your initial question, I don’t know. It all depends on if Niantic wants to stay true to their initial goal/mission of wanting us to get up and go explore. If they want to keep the money rolling in and disregard their initial plan, they will leave remote raiding the way it is. And if ex-raids come back, I’d assume that we’d be able to remote from anywhere, or at least get an invite to the ex-raid. If Niantic stays true to getting up and going, I think that ex-raids would return. However, I’d guess that we’d have to show up at the gym. And if that were the case, remote raiders would do less damage. You’d need someone physically at the gyms to send invites as opposed to doing it remotely like now. And unfortunately, remote raid passes would be more expensive because Niantic stated that the price right now is discounted.

Whatever Niantic decides to do, I’m assuming that it won’t be for a while. There are plenty of places that are shut down or aren’t safe to conduct business as usual. So if I were you, I wouldn’t worry about ex-raids or remote raiding becoming more expensive & doing less damage. These are things that won’t change negatively for the foreseeable future because Niantic needs and wants all of the money remote raiding brings at the moment.

I never once hit an ex raid. They always held them on weekdays in the middle of the day, which I never understood. I was working…like most people… maybe a time zone thing?
The gyms still all say “ex raid gym“ so I’d imagine they’d go back one day.

EX Raids will return once things start going back to normal around the world, but when that would be… who knows? Niantic won’t promote people going out and about, especially in America where Covid isn’t just a wave, but a tsunami!

I expect that by the time EX Raids start again Remote raiders will have their damage reduced, which will also reduce their chance of getting an Ex Raid pass as they may not get close to the % bracket required.

As for Remote Raid passes being used for EX Raids… maybe they will, maybe they won’t. The last EX Raid I participated was shadow ball Mewtwo, and there were only 5 of us. With Remote Raid passes the lower damage will only hurt the number of balls someone will get, but will most likely increase the number of players participating.

I speculate that White or Black Kyurem will be the first Ex Raid Boss, and as I really want both I will be at the Gym to maximise my chances of catching it!

Genesect was “supposed” to be the EX raid boss for these last few months. Instead, we got one shot at getting one from the ticketed event and through the throw-back challenge. They still haven’t released its various “drives” so my guess would be Genesect first, but B/W Kyurem in EX isn’t a bad idea…

Genesect is in raids next week, so that one’s out the window

One week though…those usually run for at least a month at first introduction and then maybe only for a week at a time after that so if its just one week for Genesect, that would be doing my robot bug dirty! :frowning:

One week is more than enough for a garbage mythical that can’t be traded. No point putting it back in EX Raids now.