[Exalted Prince] Chrom IVs

So I managed to get some normal Chroms and I think they have some good IVs? My current one I don’t think is good which is +SPD, -ATK. Which one of these do you think is the best? Or what’s your opinion on these three?
I have 3 Candidates:

  1. +HP, -RES
  2. +ATK, -SPD
  3. +DEF, -RES

You can always merge them into one
They get their flaws removed, but the asset remains
Speed and Attack are always good, you know


Oh I didn’t realize they lose flaws when they merge. Thanks!

The reason why I wasn’t sure on which one though was because the three I had all fit into what’s good for Chrom. Or at least at according to the chart it gave.


Aaaaand I realized this is OG Chrom we’re talking about. :feh_tooobin:


But it is in FEH Q&A?


It is now. :feh_bkhaha:

For this guy, depends, really. You want to merge him further? If not, I’d go with +Def since his Atk is very impressive as it is, and it can help him be pretty bulky with his Falchion. If you want to take him all the way though, +Spd can work with a Sealed Falchion set to make him into an offensive unit.

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I see so speed can be good despite gamepress calling it out lol and also mb didn’t realize I posted this in Pokémon Masters.


Yeah… Some units have a lot more potential than what it may seem. No worries there, happens to us all.

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for chrom I usually reccomend Spd or Def,as his b ond stacking cam give him a pretty good spd and he can be a great melee wall with +def


Yeah he can be a lot faster than you’d think. +spd at +10 with a typical omni bond build puts him at 42 speed when next to an ally.

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I see I have been summoned!

I really like +Spd on Chrom but it is best utilized only if you plan on max merging him (which few people do because he is still the only source of Aether in the 3-4 Star pool and red is a crowded color, so think carefully if you really want to do it). With this build, he reaches 42 Speed when next to an ally (44 next to his ally support) and also has a chock ton of Def.

If you don’t plan on merging him a lot, I’d go for +Atk or +Def.


So in that case, what would you prefer? +ATK with -SPD or +DEF and -RES?

Cause I have those two +ATK and +DEF available.

Well, that depends on how you want to build him. I think +Atk is more versatile overall.

By the way, I should add that Chrom is quite hopelessly outclassed by Brave Alm (especially on the offensive front), so if you chose Alm as a free unit or pulled him randomly, investing resources in Chrom isn’t really worth it unless you like the character a lot.


I would do +DEF. His Atk is pretty high without a +ATK
I use a +DEF as my lead constantly.

This is how I usually run my Chrom

Main Build

(Wrath is for those times where he does take damage from a res-damaging unit. It actually works rather well.)

Or if I wanted to, I could use this build to make a DEF tank.

DEF Tank


I just needed space to free up so that’s why I was adding merges to my Chroms haha

I might try both DEF and SPD

If you’re gonna +10 chrom and be a man of culture, then I’d recommend +spd because spd buffs and his bond refine makes his speed pretty good. If you’re not going for +10 then +atk or +def would be better.

This is my current build on Chrom and he’s really bulky and fun to play with, although this build is extremely wack compared to regular Chrom builds

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I mean that’s not as wack as the Chrom build I planned a while back, before Virion’s refine…

With one Eir on his team. Was gonna swap Panic Ploy for Infantry Pulse too, until I was given a reason to focus on Virion instead

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