Excellent throws

This is the internet, so we can talk about how good, bad, lucky, or unlucky we are…people that are doing catch 100 pokemon skill, how many were you able to get excellent? I did an incense and 100 catches got 26 excellent…Pro-tip: have a throwback buddy help you…I didn’t have a good buddy the first 20 catches. However after that I was trying to throw when some pokemon were attacking and Togekiss threw 6 excellent.

Yes, I tried a Ho-Oh with 4 minutes on the raid clock…I had a network error and didn’t get the shundo Ho-Oh it was destined to be.

The buddy definitely helps. Only 49 more to go lol

Personally I can get an Excellent curve on a Zekrom easier than I can Ho-Oh but I got the majority of my Excellent throws on Skarmory.

We did some Ho-oh’s this weekend everybody who was on the make 50 excellent caught it on the first or second ball (each time), the ones that were still on other parts of the quest… threw a lot more excellent throws to the birds :roll_eyes:

I’ve done them, the hardest to catch was… Ho-Oh. Pretty sure I didn’t get any excellent on that because it’s simply too close. The flying pikachu is pretty annoying too. I think I completed the 50 excellent throws at 97 caught pokemon

I did mine entirely on wild catches. Whatever I happened to come across, I gave it a try. Average success rate was probably 1 Excellent per 3 catches.

Ducklett I had about 75% success with. Skarmory took care of a few, assisted by the fact that it has a low catch rate so I was typically able to score at least a couple before it was caught. I ran into a Wobuffet nest at the tail end which took care of at least 10. The rest, a pretty random assortment, though mostly flying types though since that’s boosted right now.

Zekrom is easy to get constant excellent throws, the only problem is I keep catching them with pinap berries

Seen on Pokemon Go Singapore Facebook group:

Personally, I would not mind such a challenge if the difficulty was matched by the rewards (for example, an ECTM).

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I just got my 50th excellent…probably more than 100 more catches to get that final 24 excellents. Very next pokemon I clicked on was a shiny Pidove, and I got an excellent throw. I ended up doing 1 Ho-Oh duo raid (in PC) and got 2 excellents. Zekrom given a Nanab berry I remember are pretty easy excellents. Main ones that help are regular ball on starters.