Excuse me?

So I’m just looking around on news articles and whatnot and I stumble upon this and I’m still in confusion what’s going on, but it’s probably fake so yea but still, why?

(Thinking about it now it’s probably an April fools prank)

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Definitely an April fools joke


That’s what I’m thinking because there’s no way in hek this would ever happen

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I mean actually read it. It’s obvious. They said Goku and Sherk were in. Which would obviously never happen.

I have ADHD so I skimmed it :D


Without reading this, I’m inclined to think it’s fake.

That said, I may not be against the idea.


Yeah this is an April Fools joke

I would actually prefer this not to happen, cause I dont want Lucina being taken out of Ultimate

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Please set subcategories for every topic you create

Yeah it’s April fools lol

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It’s a joke, but I don’t want it to be


oh thanks for editing the thing for me lul

It should be real just to piss off Smash fans.

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