Exp cards for wrong class

While summoning for skadi i got a bunch of new servants. Caster gilgamesh, Anne&bonny and Emiya among others. My account is still quite new, I started in February and always lack exp cards for servants. From the hunting quests I still have over hundred of saber exp cards stored up and I don’t plan on raising a new saber servant soon.

Would you guys just use the saber exp to raise new servants, even if it is more inefficient?

Nah I burn what ever I have especially since it’s 3x success.

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The difference is just like a fifth of the total EXP. A notable difference but they’re still good enough even for other Classes.

Just give whatever to whomever.


Personal opinion of mine would be prioritizing which servants you would benefit most. From the looks of it, you’ll likely benefit on upgrading Emiya(if its archer) since his kit is very easy to use and mats are still within the beginner singularities to farm. It would at least get you by while you wait for any event(read as Gilfest) that would help you level up your servants regardless of the ember class. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy the game :slightly_smiling_face:

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Seems reasonable, guess I will do that.
Yeah it is bit of a waste if they are just lying around while there is a 3×super success chance.

I’m up to date with story content though haha, so I will be fine there. But lack of resources always has been a problem. I was shocked when I heard that some people actually burn their exp for mana prisms, because of a surplus. Couldn’t believe that

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If you need to level Servants then there’s not much point holding on to the Embers for now. They’re relatively easy to farm anyway, plus we get 50 ALL Embers per month from the shop, and 100 4* Embers and 100 3* Embers per event (if you care enough to farm the currencies to buy them).

If you’re not in immediate need of an AoE Archer and ST Rider, I suggest leveling Cas Gil. He’s a great hybrid DPS/Support and his first skill greatly increases star generation to better enable crits.

When you farm lottos hard (and by hard, I mean 100+ boxes), you can end up with literally hundreds of Embers, both 3* and 4*. And if you don’t have a lot of Servants left to raise (either you’ve been playing a long time or you just don’t have that many Servants) there’s not much left to do but burn the excess while saving what you can for the next new Servant to come along.


Yeah i wish they would spread the lotto events a bit more instead of having them just in one half of the year, but at least I will be prepared for the first one.


When the present box is limited to 300 (now 350) items and the lottery usually gives embers in 1x and 2x stacks, only occasionally 3x+,you’ve already max leveled EVERYONE, already used your grails… Well burning exp to open more present box slots so you can keep opening lottery boxes is the only thing you can do.

Looking forward to Gilfest. I finally used the last of my lottery embers last month and now I’m down to 2 100x stacks from events and still have servants to level with all the spooks I got instead of skadi.

Oh, and hunting quests, with the ember going straight to inventory… I think I burned 1000 embers to keep farming bones because I had no one to level at the time


I’m currently in this dilemma. I pulled Jeanne in the GSSR and all I have to level her are what I can farm from dailies. I have a lot of spooks still to level but other than maybe Heracles and Saberlot, most of them aren’t particularly high prio.

Normally, I’d wait until we get to the next lottery but I might need her sooner (is Gugalanna CQ in the rerun?) so screw it, levelling her now even if it isn’t super efficient.

If you want a Servant levelled ASAP I say go for it. 1/2 AP on dailies anyway.


This is complete madness. I could never burn my exp cards! I use and abuse them.

Meh I burnt loads of them after the last lottery for the reasons mentioned above.

You say that now. Wait until your archive, inventory, presents box are full, have no one to level, and you can’t start any quests until you relieve the pressure of the lottery ember avalanche



Same story for me. Been burning thousands of embers since Nerofest of last year since I had no one left to level and was saving for Skadi. Present box (stacks of 3-4+) and 2nd archive were jam-packed. Now after GSSR and Skadi banner, I only have 400 embers left in hand. I actually had to look up the embers until Gilfest because I was so worried I’d run out before then, since I plan to pull on Dantes’s and Waver’s banner as well.

For those interested, I think it’s roughly like this:

Summer 2 Rerun: 200 + 66 + 200 Da Vinci shop bonus embers
Summer 3: 100 + 33
14M Downloads: 60
Fate Accel Zero Rerun: 100 + 33
August: 50
September: 50
= 892 all class embers

4* Welfares before then: Jalter (Berserker) and Irisiviel (263 embers each, no bonus)
Any 5*s you pull: 375 embers each to level up

I converted 100 silvers to 33 golds for simplicity.

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I got one of those 6x stacks during DaVinci. Just one in 3 lotteries. Handful of 5x…mostly 1x and 2x…

I had this dilemma (except not having any servant to give the saber exp to), but then I got Sigurd and all of my saber exp vanished and he still needs a bit more, so clearly the solution is to summon a Saber you don’t have yet, preferably a 5 star. :fgo_moriartysmile:

As for an actual answer, if you do have an unleveled saber, then might as well use it on them for maximum exp use, otherwise I guess use on whoever needs it or save it for if you suddenly get a saber.

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When i want to raise a servant i don’t care about the class embers not been from the same class

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