Explain Urvan refine to me

That last part is very confusing. By “foe” they mean Ike, right?

No, the foe attacking Ike

My greatest enemy is myself



If a foe attacking Ike would double, they get Desperation. However, this guarantees that their second attack on Ike has its damage reduced by 80% on top of their first attack being reduced by 40%.

TL;DR foe gets Desperation, Ike gets super tanky.

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Ike gives a false advantage to the enemy.

He’s one of the tankies units in the game due to his weapon.

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Oh, that part?, yes imagine an enemy is going to attack your Bike, normally it’s like this:

(Enemy) -> (Bike) -> (Enemy)

However that part of the refine gives a [Desperation]-like effect to the enemy, and the order of battle will instead go like this:

(Enemy) -> (Enemy) -> (Bike)

It may seem disadvantageous but look the damage-reduction and his base kit will let him proc [Aether] on range 1 units once he counters.
Also since the refine reduces the damage by a good margin it’ll be a strong option for dealing with melee enemies!


I probably shouldn’t have foddered Wrath off of my Bike, then. :D

Wrath isn’t the worst choice. Given that it’ll boost that Aether bomb

No, I think he meant BIke had Wrath and he foddered BIke to someone else.

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Ah yeah.

That just plainly sucks.