Extra chrono crystals for specific missions

Hello so basically I would like to get a little bit more chrono crystals for the anniversary.
And I know that the last mission of chapter 1 story mode. Has challenges to get 30 chrono crystals.

Simple question, Do you guys know any other story mode missions with this? If yes?
Please comment down below.

Not sure if I entirely understand the question so sorry if this response is useless, but every story mode chapter has a mission that gives chrono shards. Grinding out all the story mode stuff is the easiest way to get a bunch of shards.

In part 1 book 7 chapter 8 (HARD) there are challenges which gives you 30 chrono crystals instead of 3.

Question: Are there any other chapters with these kind of missions? if yes?
Please let me know

Oooh, ok. I don’t believe so

Have you done the event missions?
There are missions that give 100 cc in the event stories or more, depending on the event story that you want to complete.
But I have noticed most of the challenges on part 1 in HARD MODE has 2 challenges that give 30 cc.

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I did check and most of the other Saiyan in Red (hard) challenges gives you 30 chrono crystals just look through the other missions and see which ones gives you them because most of them do but not all.