Extra Distant Ward

I got a couple of NY Selkie from the Double Special Banner back in June, one of them was +Spd. So I was thinking of foddering the two extras I have for Distant Ward. I know Distant Counter is better most of the time, but certain units do prefer DW over DC. Those whose defenses are more lopsided towards Res. Two of those units I actually have in mind: OG Selkie and Fiora. My OG Selkie is +Spd with +1 merge and Fiora is +Atk, -Def. I already use Selkie on my beast team and I can use Fiora as a magic counter. Should I give them Distant Ward? Or perhaps another unit that would appreciate it?

Fliers in general will prefer Ward over Counter since Bows. Sure you miss out on daggers but being better against Mages and Dragons is generally better overall.

So Fiora is certainly a prime Choice.

I like Beruka with it but my build for her isn’t exactly conventional.

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I think fliers that can nullify bow-weaknesses in their weapon prefer DC such as Ashnard and Hel. Or if they’re running Iote’s Shield as a seal like my Naga.


Yeah that why I said generally, sure if you’re going to run Iote’s (or innately have its effect) DC is probably better, but outside of those specific cases you’re likely to have better overall performance with Ward.

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no bias here not at all

Your Caeda could use it :eyes:

Tho I do prefer PP builds with her. But of OG Selkie or Fiora, I think they could both use it, but I’d be leaning towards Fiora tbh

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Lloyd, Fir, Mathilda and Jagen come to mind.
If you want something more mergable.

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I ended up putting it on Leanne–5* unit, I know–to be my dedicated mage check. Her utility went through the roof since she can heal, refresh, debuff and retaliate at distances. Plus she can use the Sabotage Speed from Selkie when you grab DW

I want to get a NY!Selkie at some point so I can give Jagen both DW and sabotage spd. Sounds like an effective set up for such a high res unit.

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