Extra Gatekeeper

So I picked up an extra gatekeeper with one of my free tickets (woohoo!) and I’m in a bit of a pickle on how best to use it.

This is the one I’m currently running. I use him on my abyssal ghb team and my main summoner duels team. The new copy I got is +spd, so here’s the options I’m thinking:

  1. Merge the new copy
  2. Merge for +spd.
(Let me explain)

Now hear me out this isn’t as stupid as it sounds. Gatekeeper is able to block follow up, but doesn’t negate forced follows. So enemies with a guaranteed follow up and only 23 spd can still double him. If I merge up his spd and add a little support I’m hoping to get that required spd check up to 30 which seems more reasonable.

  1. Fodder Close Reversal to either Lindhardt or Silque w/ for tank healer build.
  2. Fodder CR to M! Morgan, my new +10 project.
A good lad

Pretty much designed around challenging speedy swords. Although the NFU gives him wider coverage of matchups

  1. Upgrade CC to CR for Jorge, I’d prefer a res boosting version, but I’ll just throw this idea out there too

Considering how much I use him, I figured it’d be best to get some outside opinions instead of throwing caution to the wind. Thoughts?

  • Merge +hp
  • Merge +spd (as dumb as it might sound)
  • Tank Healer!
  • Feed M!Morgan
  • Jorgey boy (I’mma be honest, I still doubt I’d end up going with this one)

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That is quite an interesting strategy :feh_eirikathink:

This may sound crazy, but one other option is to give him trait fruits to +spd, so you can still get the boon and fodder to someone else. However, you should consider using the fruit only if you have quite a lot lying around and hardly use them.
Getting enough fruits to change IVs takes a lot of time, so it’s not the best choice, but one to think about.


That’s true, he’s going to be one of my candidates for ascended traits too, so eventually I could use that on him when I finally get another one. Just considering it now since the opportunity presents itself.
I guess the big question here is fodder or merge? Looks like the the polls leaning towards merging so I’ll probably go with that then use the ascendant trait on hp or atk.
It just sucks having his follow up negation get ignored by BF armors that have mid-20s spd. Pretty common in abyssals where enemies have inflated stats

Well, the people have spoken… and the winner is:

Tada! I honestly am surprised that this took the lead, and I respect you all for it. Have a Merry Christmas everybody!