Extra penalty?

I got bad luck and changed my username to something degrading, but I think it should go further because I’m hard on myself. Should I skip any and all free summons and therefore all summons? I was hoping to save for Legendary Celica, but I don’t even think I’ll be able to summon for her. In fact, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get any 5 star if I started saving now and spent 0 orbs on other banners.

  • No free summons
  • Free summons
  • Do whatever you want

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Take those free summons. Don’t punish yourself like that, it’s not worth it at all.


Punishing yourself for bad luck isn’t really a good idea. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t. It isn’t your fault that the RNG decided to go a certain way :catroll:


There is no reason to punish yourself. It’s not like you did anything wrong. Get the free summons and gl on getting some free 5*s :feh_birbpeek:


Don’t do that to yourself. Free summons can be amazing and they may give you a little of luck back.


Man imagine if I had punished myself for spending so much money just for a single +Res Oboro… I wouldn’t have the monster I have now




The Hero Fest free summons I’ve had would say otherwise. The only noteworthy thing I got was a +Atk Julia when I wanted Brave Ike. Everything else was trash or so unremarkable that I don’t remember what they were.

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Don’t punish yourself. You learn nothing and you make yourself look foolish. Just pick yourself up and deal with it.


I mean it’s not like you are guaranteed great luck on free summons… I didn’t get my first 5* free summon for over a year after they started it and even then the unit I got was a unit with shit fodder and someone I’d never use… at least +Atk Julia is good… sometimes you get blessed with good luck sometimes you get cursed with bad luck… that’s the way of Gacha games… on FF.Corrin’s release banner I got over 20+ 5* with 400 orb’s (roughly 1 5* per 20 orbs) which was a blessing, but was also cursed on that very banner do to color sharing where I got 6 G.Tiki’s and 5 FF.Corrin’s… if it wasn’t for G.Tiki sharing colorless with FF.Corrin I could have +10’d her right when she was released rather than a few months later… Then theirs the Elincia + Nephenee BHB banner around the beginning of last year… I was blessed with 4 copies of Nephenee with the 70 f2p orb’s I had at the start so figured “Hell I’m this lucky might as well +10 her now”… I then spent $400 and didn’t get a single copy of her… so again this is a Gacha… you will have good luck at times and bad luck at times


Free summons… why would you not take them. There’s a line between punishing yourself and just being dumb, and I think if you don’t take free summons you’re crossing that line. But I mean in the end it’s your decision :feh_maristare:

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Uh, definitely take the free summons. If you don’t want the focus units, just pick a color that has a low-rarity unit you want in it. I’m still 2 copies away from finishing my Echidna, so I usually pull green on my free summons even if I don’t want the green focus unit(s).