Extra slot friend support


So picking a servant for the extra slot used to be a no brainer because my choices were Mash and Gorgon. After CCC I have Passionlip and BB to choose from too.

Except when events dictate otherwise, who would be more popular? They fill such different roles…

Gorgon np1 9/9/9 (haven’t decided if she earns my dwindling lores yet)
Passionlip np3 4/5/6 (stuck on archer gems)
BB np5 6/6/6 (stuck on rider gems)


There is no reason to put in welfare servants if you have other options for the slot, as most people tend to have them already. This is especially true for someone as specialized as BB, she wouldn’t get picked much regardless.

I’d go with Passionlip since you have her at NP3, that’s comparatively a lot rarer than NP1 Gorgon.