F!Byleth or M!Byleth

So I pulled a +spd -def m!Byleth today as a free summon, I’m wondering if I should keep him. I already have 2 copies of female Byleth with not so great IVs. Which unit should I fodder? Or are they both worth keeping? :feh_eirikathink:

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F! Byleth is generally considered better but his IV makes him more worthwhile in this case :thinking:

Both of them are pretty comparable though so it’s a matter of which fodder you need. Could manual the second F! Byleth and keep both till the need arises.


That depends on what units you have. Byleth is a good unit if you don’t have any of the powercreep op sword units that IS released on a weekly basis, but if you’re just going by F2p sword units, I’d probably keep F!Byleth. Male Byleth has DC which makes no sense because his resistance is utter garbage.


Depends on who’s fodder you really need tbh.

Honestly M!Byleth is better because of your IVs, otherwise F!Byleth is better because she’s better minmaxed, imo

But really it depends on if you need DC+Ruptured Sky or Fury 4+Ruptured Sky. They’re very similar


Besides these two I’ve got a fallen Ike, so I guess I don’t really need both of them. Thanks for the reply

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Yeah I have a couple of units that need DC, so I suppose I’ll fodder off the male Byleth. Thank you for the help