F.Edel and Mila


I want a world without gods and the strongest humans reign. And other errors.

But wouldn’t that be the same thing as worshiping the gods?

Stonks Mila

Other villains who love dragons:
Am I a joke to you, girl?

Arvis in the background:
I wish I could have equality between peoples and kingdoms. These Fodlan children are rebels without a cause.


Meanwhile, the Boar King cries in his dark room.


These are interesting discussions for sure, nice to see characters interacting in Forging Bonds :feh_birbpeek:


Haven’t finished the FB yet, but is the god they choose really Mila? That seems like the most boring god they could’ve chosen, especially when Sothis was an option. Or even Tiki and Naga.


It is Mila for F!Edelgard but it’s actually pretty interesting


Man F Dimitri is so edgy, and not in a good way.

Also I love how easily recognizes Lif as Alfonse when it took Alfonse and co an entire book to do it.


More notes as I read through the FB: how is it Edel is the first to try and go back to her own world because she has things she wants to do?

She makes everyone else’s commitment nonexistent in comparison.


She doesn’t have time to deal with plebs… probably why she is ignoring my love for her on this banner


She’s the most single-minded character, considering how she gave up her mind and sanity to become the hegemon husk. Would make sense her actions would be purely instinct-driven.


Pyscho Dimitri is an ace detective now.


I do love that her stated argument is the strong should the weak which is exactly why powerful gods usually end up leading humans. What she means is the strong (herself and only herself) should lead everyone. She knows best of course, she’s a hurt, angry twenty year old after all. Millennia of experience and wisdom? Nah, she knows best.

I expected her supports to be a tour of Gods but it was good enough with just Mila being rational against the genocidal warmonger.


If Mila of all people is the one who can hold an argument and beat Edelgard in a discussion, I can’t even begin to imagine how Naga would destroy her.


Naga being infinitely more patient than Mila, which she is no slouch until her final days, would force sense into Edelgard. She practically forgives and keeps helping the race that hunted down the remains of her kind through her lineage and beyond the grave. Edelgard, while tragic, only focuses on her core issue, which is sorrow. Never thinking that weak people will always exist, and not all kinds of weakness are bad and won’t last forever with the right environment.

This is why she and Dimitri will never come into an agreement: both are similar monsters that will never try to make peace with the past because they are stubborn and prideful to the point of hypocrisy. If not for Byleth, they would deserve their respective downfalls in their bad timelines.


It would’ve been good to see how Edelgard reacted to evil gods too. She hates benevolent ones so much so how would she react to Grima, a human-made god mutated with dark magic much like herself now. Then of course Naga’s role as God is usually hands off but she gifted humanity the Fire Emblem and Falchion which is their only hope of stopping The Fell Dragon.

Pretty sure her reaction would still be her usual gods are bad no matter what, even when they don’t intervene until it gets as severe as a planetary extinction event that humanity can’t handle.


Pretty sure Naga would say something like “I’m no god, I’m just a being blessed with power. And I’ve chosen to wield that power in defense of those who don’t have it.” and Edelgard would either leave or say she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.



So do sons of man name me. But I am no creator. I possess not the powers of making or unmaking.NAGA TO [CHROM]


Which creates a problem, actually, since the god/dragon Edel knows about and is theoretically fighting against actually is a creator god.

Sothis is definitely a creator/destroyer type, who can manipulate time as she pleases. The “gods” Edel is talking to are actually completely different than the one she has a problem with.

Also just read Dimitri’s talk with Hel and I gotta say I’m not terribly impressed. Hel tells him “yeah, the dead don’t feel anything, trust me I’m the literal god of Hel. You’re just looking for an excuse to fight.” And instead of going “yeah, so what?” or literally anything else, Dimitri basically ignores her and tells her “I’ll be their will.” Which completely ignores what she was telling him, while simultaneously proving her right. He’s not doing this for the dead, but himself (which is at least in character, I guess. I think Byleth or Flayn have a conversation like that with him in AM)


This whole FB seems very meh. Wouldn’t it have been cooler to watch the Brave dudes face their fallen versions and think “Is this what I would’ve become?”.


I don’t mind Edel meeting gods, but as I said before, why not Sothis, who is literally just chilling in Askr on her throne somewhere.

Or hell, even her and Nemesis. He’s there as well, have her talk to him.

The Valentia gods just seem like an especially bad choice since they actually ■■■■■■ things up, started a war, and killed a bunch of people. The moral and ending of SoV was “it turns out we don’t need gods and can do fine on our own.”

In other words, Edel was actually completely right in the SoV game.


like the braves haven’t talked about it with each other what they became in their own timelines


Your comments are very good. I was thinking here. Is each Naga of the Fire Emblem someone in each? I saw a phrase and remembered a few.


“I appear before man in many forms: sometimes a great hero, sometimes a harmless child,”


No end of New Mystery. Kris says to erase his name. At the same time that Marth says that she feels very close to him and does not know how to explain.

Naga always leaves and does not like to boast about his achievements.

He is a descendant of Anri. Who has the blood to wield divine weapons.

Tiki became a Naga. It is more like the divine title. Nagi is a reincarnation. One cited in waking up another in the Shadow of Dragon.

Thinking here that even Mark that also some and others. That we could be Naga himself or his reincarnation.

Now my head is thinking of other possibilities. Lol. Because there are many in indirect ways.