F.F!Corrin is good candidate for Steady Breath?

Being that I have an extra BIke thanks to the pact of heroes I was considering who to go to Steady Breath, they advised me to give it to a dragon unit and then I was thinking of giving it my F.F! Corrin.
I wanted to ask if Corrin is a good candidate for this skill?
IV of my Corrin are + DEF - HP could go well?
I also should consider giving Steady Breath to someone else?

Fallen F-Corrin is better off running DC and either Vantage or Null C Disrupt because of her ridiculous power. Most of the time she doesn’t need specials because her Attack gets so high with her breath’s effect that she can one shot almost anything, especially if she has L-Eliwood support.

Most other dragons really like Steady Breath, though, especially combined with Lightning Breath. A lot of people here say that’s boring, but it is effective and popular for a reason. Examples include the FTP Dragon trio of Nowi, A-Tiki, and Fae.