F/GO: The Ultimate Guide to Stall

I noticed recently that the teambuilding guides on Gamepress are super outdated. Like, the “Buster Blitz” guide doesn’t even mention Merlin, and says that Ibaraki Douji will be a “future star”.

So over the last week or so, I’ve been writing up a guide to stall teams, going into full details of what makes each servant good, what are the best CEs to use, and even providing some sample teams. It kind of blew up into an 8000 word essay.

This thing has a fully hyperlinked contents page though, so you can just read the bits you’re interested in if 33 pages is a bit too long for you.

If anyone has any feedback at all, then please tell me. Even if it’s criticism. There are almost guaranteed to be things that I’ve missed.

Anyway, here’s the guide. Please give it a read if you’re interested.

Edit: Thanks everyone for supporting this so much. I was expecting about three people to actually even look at this guide, and for this thread to be buried within a day.

To do list:

  • Add section explaining how to pilot a stall team or explain the thought process behind common decisions.



  • Added Artoria Pendragon to tier A.
  • Added the buff stacking section.


  • Swapped Yu Miaoyi and Sessyoin Kiara’s positions on the main list and honourable mentions.


  • Fixed typographical errors.
  • Added Record Holder to the CE list.
  • Added NP Denial to the Sample Teams.
  • Edited the description for NP delaying.
  • Edited the description for Thomas Edison, and moved him to a higher spot in tier B.
  • Added the Backlines section
  • Added the Command Codes section


  • Fixed typographical errors.
  • Added Yagyu Munenori to the Honorable Mentions list.

Now I really need Ozymandias and Reines once she is released.

Thank you for sharing this guide. It is a shame that Nero Bride is not there but Tamamo being S-Tier brings me happiness nonetheless.


I thought a lot about Bride, and honestly, I don’t think she’s as good as the other top tier DPS/pseudo-supports like Ozy, BB, and Beni. I didn’t want to overpopulate the guide with too many servants capable of doing the same things, especially high rarity ones.

If you do want my opinion of her though, definitely a strong tier B servant, probably between Waver and Parvati.

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That was a really comprehensive review! :fgo_ereshwoah:

I read all of it and I gotta say, it was done really well!

I know right? It hurts. :fgo_deadinside:

Ngl the part I was most surprised about was Ozy being there, I wouldn’t have thought that he would be a good pick since he lacked a hard survival option for himself or the team nor did he have any teamwide/targetable defensive buffs or healing, but your reasoning on why he was there was sound as the team DPS.

Although another Servant I also suggest considering is Yagyu, he can loop his NP relatively consistently (especially with the help of Tamamo) and can offer a slew of atk downs to help mitigate teamwide damage, along with being able to deal a good amount of damage himself, although I wouldn’t say he has nearly the amount of team utility as BB or Ozy I think he still may be a solid pick. :feh_birbpeek:

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Oh, nice shout. I put Yagyu in my original shortlist, but forgot how big his attack downs were. I’ll add him to the honourable mentions alongside Kid Gil. He doesn’t really have anything else that he brings to the table, and has a fair amount of overlap with other servants (he’s definitely not as good as someone like Edison for example).


Yeah, that’s fair, but glad you can give him a mention, he’s a pretty great Servant all things considered.

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Excellent content, well done!


Ooh, I’ve got writers in here!

Thank you very much. That’s good to hear.


Great guide! I too never knew that Ozy was great for stall teams. Now I’m excited to raise mine up to full power.

I have to admit, I’m not really a fan of stall because I’m impatient and mostly didn’t know how to do it. I love that you give us the basic building blocks with your sample teams, along with which CEs and which servants can be substitutes for who. Would be good to see which Mystic Codes are appropriate for each sample team, as I didn’t seem them mentioned.

Any chance that someone on Gamepress can put this guide on the site, or at least sticky it on the forum?


Let’s ask a mod @Flower_Hermit


True, I probably should have put more about the Mystic Codes in. You can kind of use either of the two that I mentioned on any of them though, it’s dependant on your backline.

Atlas is generally better, but Plugsuit is more useful if you need a switch. Would a section about backlines be useful?


As for pinning/getting it on the site, personally I’d love that. This is probably a bit too longform for the actual main site, but maybe a note on the “Zombie Team” article saying that this guide is a more up-to-date version would work.

Or it could be rewritten I guess.


I think putting a sample team that uses the plugsuit MC and visualizes the strategy of putting servants in your backline as pinch hitters would be great.

You sort of already describe the strategy in your Mystic Code section when you mentioned Georgios, Medela Lily and David as backline pinch hitters. But if you have more wisdom to share with more examples of backline servants and their roles there, then please do write it out! :grinning:


Ok, I’ll probably not do it for a few days because of family related things, but once I’m done I’ll give you a mention so that you can read it.


Don’t forget to put recommendations of Command Codes in the cards for each servant and which we should look forward to in the future.

When you can, of course.

Since you are putting unreleased servants in the guide, you could also put the future ones we’ll get so those interested in perfecting stall teams with the resources at hand, like me, can plan way ahead and don’t waste code removals in the future.

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I’m going to be completely honest here, I both didn’t think of command codes, and also don’t think that they’re actually that impactful in any playstyle other than solo. Especially in stall, you’re frequently spamming NPs, and you can’t put command codes on those

This is completely off the top of my head, but I can only think of 4 CCs that are actually useful, and they’re all 5* CCs so you only get one, and every single servant on this list wants them. I can’t remember their names, so I’m just going to list their effects.

  • The one that gives you +50% healing received for 1 turn.

  • The one that gives you +1000 HP with a cooldown of 3 turns.

  • The one that gives you +15% NP charge with a cooldown of 3 turns.

  • The one that gives your entire party +200 HP.

Other than that it’s just a case of putting either the +100 HP or the cure ailment 2* CCs on everyone.

Honestly, I’d much rather save all of those CCs for a solo servant (I’m personally putting them on Cleo).

I will add a section about CCs, but it’s going to be a bit at the bottom saying that it applies to all of the servants in the list. I might make a specific reference towards Tama and Jeanne for the NP charge one though.

Like I said to crono_clone, I’ll probably not be doing anything more than minor updates to this for a few days due to family related things, but I’ll give you a mention once it’s been done.


I appreciate the input. Good luck with your family matters.


In Merlin’s write-up, you listed Garden of Avalon as providing 15% NP charge, whereas it’s actually 25% (5%/turn over 5 turns)

Might be worth mentioning Kiara’s AoE buff removal and charge drain skill in her write-up, it’s great for stalling.

Your guide covers servant evaluation and team building well, but doesn’t actually talk much about how the teams are played. How do you choose what sort of stall team to bring to a specific fight? What are some common tactical decisions you must make in a typical stall battle, and what are their potential consequences? How do you determine threat priority or skill timing in typical situations? I am sure we’d all appreciate hearing a bit of your thought processes behind piloting stall teams, as that’s the kind of knowledge you can’t merely intuit from reading character write-ups.


Thanks, I’ll update this.

I tried to keep the honourable mentions as small as possible, hitting on only the most unique things that the servants offer, so I’m not going to add this. I will just quickly mention here though that Kiara was the absolute top of my cut servants. If I was going to add one more servant it would be Kiara, but I decided that Yu was a better fit due to her lower rarity and ST drain.

You’re right, this is worth doing. I’m not actually sure about the best way to do it though. Maybe a series of scenarios and I explain my thought process? I don’t have any footage or images though, and the only things I could get right now are against the 2018 Swimsuit Showdown. Gugalanna is also a complete pain because he’s a rider with AoE regular attacks, so he’s very hard to use Tama against. Shame we don’t have Reines yet.

This will be an incredibly big addition, possibly worthy of an entirely separate guide. I’m definitely not going to be able to complete this any time soon.


Sorry, at family thing. Let me get on pc and take care of it