F!Hardin or W! Ephraim?

I will going to give to my new black Knight bold fighter, but I don’t know who is better?
F!Hardin and W! Ephraim
Both have +hp -res abd any tipe of invertion out them base kit’s

I’d rather fodder him. W!Ephraim has Atk/Def Solo if I’m remembering right.

That it’s true but I don’t have nothing to do with him, the same thing with hardin

He’s still a great PP armor to use. You can Smite, Shove, give him Armor March support, or even Armored Boots to help him reach his weapon and A skill requirement.

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So I use Hardin like forrage

Yep. Hardin is pretty good as a lance, but I feel like using B!Hector over him would be better.

New fact, I don’t have any version of Héctor