F!ike futureproofing and desired ending IVs

If I ever get the choice, should I change over his IVs into +Spd, or even neutral? In the silverfox mass duel simulator, +Atk nets more wins on the hard list, which I usually go off of to quantify what works better. +Spd gets less, but there’s the looming curse of units always getting faster, and the question of “how much speed is enough speed?”. Neutral also looks like an attractive middleground, since it gives +1 to atk and hp, and +2 to speed. What IV would age the best?




Ah, knew I’d get @‘ed to this :catroll:

I run +atk on mine but that’s due to me thinking that he should’ve had a higher base atk stat. He hits 60 atk at +10 +atk with full flowers. I can’t speak for anything relating to AR since I don’t play that mode competitively :catroll:
He runs Atk/Res Unity and at full debuffs+Panic, he can tank mages easily, and might not even need a Dodge B slot (but then again getting full debuffs+Panic can be hard to set up in PvE modes).

+spd puts him at 52 spd if he’s +10 and has max flowers, and works the best if he’s running a Dodge skill in his B slot (plus there’s the speed meta too)

To answer the question of which one ages the best… probably speed.
+atk has its own merits, but most would go +spd to use his Dodge skill more effectively and to keep up with the increasing speed meta.


I should probably start specifying when I mean in the context of aether raids, but what you said still applies. Cool insight about purple ike; I may start to lean much more to +atk if he actually gets to a point where he can one shot bramimond, who would otherwise be an instant “no” to sending in F!Ike for me. Unless he gets to the point where I can just use NFU instead

Edit: He CAN one shot a bramimond with atk/res unity and a bright shrine debuff, with exact damage if they have sturdy impact and steady blow seal. Once you start adding in more merges to bram and factor in potential buffs he may have, the numbers get really close, but usually ends with ike losing. For him to win consistently, I’d have to use atk/spd solo in the seal slot instead of spd/res, but that has sacrifices elsewhere. In the end, I may accept that he just can’t tank bram and make up for it elsewhere, and also possibly go for +Spd if it comes around.


Null Follow-Up should swing the Bramimond matchup (and many others) in F!Ike’s favor.