F!Lyon AR-O team

I saw a video of someone’s offense using a F!Lyon on an anti-cav/mage team with miciah, pretty sure it was eldervi

Right now I have him supported with NY!Velouria, but a blue AR-O mage can help cover the rest of my bases and make the team in general more consisten. So which one’s should I try to will into existence?

  • NY!Alfonse
  • Brunnya
  • Guinivere
  • Micaiah

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I physically have everyone but micaiah, but I want to try and get her in the future, since her weapon looks really good. The rest I’ll be willing to put investment into if they’re good cavline/armor counterpicks


I would say any other than Alfonse. He’s a great unit, but not a specific counterpick you’d really run. Plus Duo’s hinderance really messes him up, and that means Duo Lif on a cav line will end him.

I love Guinevere, but Micaiah is also great. Don’t personally use Brunnya, but I hear she’s good.

Voted for Micaiah, but Guinevere a close second.


Ah, Eldervi. Love their content.

I’d say any are decent options, but Brunnya’s the easily available one that’s still really good. If you have the grails and are invested in her, she definitely works. Personally, I run both Guinivere and Micaiah on Light and Astra season respectively. Guinivere is outrageously good, while Micaiah is really good but not like…unbeatable. Because Astra is obnoxious.

As a specific anti-cavline pick, Micaiah has substantially more value. Damage reduction against ranged offense and effective against Cavalry makes her an outrageously strong pick, and her guaranteed follow-up effect means she can still handle Seiros or Duo Alfonse and even Bector depending on her build. It makes her B-slot fairly open for Null C-Disrupt, which is fantastic anti-cavline tech. Guinivere’s effectiveness against mages is super valuable, but a lot of cavlines run some form of archer or dagger unit, and always have staves. Which Guinivere doesn’t handle nearly as well. So for this specific role, I’d say Micaiah is your best bet.


Yeah, but keep in mind he’s running her with F!Lyon, who will demolish bows and staves.

I agree that Micaiah is a bit more generalist, but Guin can completely shut down certain teams if they use L!Lilina or Duo Lif.


What’s Guin do that beats L!Lilina? Does she just have enough res to tank, or am I missing something? Also, wouldn’t micaiah tank Lif just as well since she still has effectiveness on him?

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Guin has effective against magic.

But yes, Micaiah also has effective damage.

Just have had a lot of success running guinevere myself


I know, but Lilina still has strong AOE attack, right? Is their res just good enough


This is true, but at least in my own experience, a lot of cavlines can pull some ridiculous nonsense if a KO is missed or a particular sequence of moves happens. Like, I’ve run setups where I expect Micaiah can bait in just a Rein or a Duo Lif and be completely safe, while Fallen Celica is on the other side baiting in the Python, and through some shenanigans I didn’t account for, Python got to the other side of the map and hits Micaiah. This is probably an impact of me not actually being good at this game mode, but there have been plenty of times where having two counts for specific and different threats didn’t work out because the threat got to a different spot I didn’t expect. Guinivere definitely has the potential to do amazing things, but I think for cavlines specifically, Micaiah is “safer” than Guinivere, because she can handle more of those sudden surprises.


They’ll take some damage, but it won’t be enough to kill them, and they’ll be receiving almost 0 damage from the attack after it, so they will kill on retaliation. A cavline normally won’t have any way of following up either, since all other units will have dashed to the front to attack.


I don’t have a screenshot of either tanking L!Lilina (both have), but I do have something that should be considered on the same tier of power, and will be a good enough example of what Guinivere can take:

Note that Lysithea’s special went off, meaning she had all of her attack buffs active. And still dealt 0 damage to Guinivere.

They’ll take a bit from the AoE, just because of how high Lilina’s attack is, but the 0.8x multiplier makes that damage fairly minimal, and the in combat damage is basically nothing. They’re both incredibly strong counters to her and Duo Lif, so if they’re a major concern for you, both will do great work.


God damn

I’ll probably be more partial to Micaiah in the end, though the poll is going that way anyway, cause of all the shiny effects her weapon has


I actually did find a screenshot of Micaiah vs. L!Lilina. Granted, it’s the Abyssal map, but considering L!Lilina had inflated stats and Micaiah didn’t have her mythic boosts, hopefully this is a good enough example of what happens:

She’s running Sol here for the map overall, but even with Noontime, if that goes off in response, you basically just heal any damage Lilina can deal.

While I’m thinking of it, for cavline counter specifically, you definitely want to build Micaiah for speed. I didn’t, and one of the biggest threats that shows up on a lot of cavlines is Summer Mia/“Marth.” Because of their damage reduction on foe’s first hit, they can beat Micaiah pretty reliably if they get the double, but if Micaiah’s fast enough to stop their double, she has a guaranteed follow-up and easily clears the fight, with Noontime on the hit that isn’t impacted by damage reduction.


I mean, I voted for her even though I really like Guin. Micaiah is very .good (and has a resplendent)


Wouldn’t that take a LOT of speed though? Mia already has a lot of base speed, plus what she gets from supports or skills. And F!Lyon may be able to handle whatever side Mia’s on, too.


It is. 45 base speed, +5 from weapon, +7 from Swift Sparrow 3 for 57 at minimum. 61 with max merges, 63 with dragonflowers. Micaiah requires team support to reach that much speed, but it’s not outright impossible, especially with Plumeria’s support with the speed boost and Sabotage Speed debuff in play. Definitely better off having F!Lyon take the hit, but you know. Sometimes dumb things happen and it doesn’t hurt for her to be ready.