F!Shez is actually pretty solid

I won’t lie, I wasn’t super impressed with her at first. She seemed to be pretty “meh” at best. But once I started toying with her axe and gave her the build I run on her with her AR support, she’s acutally pretty formidable

It’s funny. Between Surge and Aether, she heals more than she deals. In my last round of AR, she healed 59 HP off of a 49-damage Aether. XD


Wasn’t interested in her myself…at first,but then after checking out some of the many builds she can run I decided to +10 her at some point (I didn’t even know who he/she was).


I’m unbelievably impressed with her capabilities in battle

I thought she’d be underwhelming because of her Demote Status… until I remembered she was a Protagonist and a Waifu AND a really good unit

But it seems like Echidna has been put in her Grave for good because there’s a new F2P Axe Queen in town


Dude, her PRF is just too good to pass up on. Dual-phase Breath ability allowing her to spam high-CD moves is so nice. She’s a lucky one to have a PRF and not, like…a Stout Axe or some lame crap.

For now, at least. Echidna will be getting a refine, eventually. Hopefully it’ll kick ass.


Don’t give up until her refine is past

That, and arcane weapons. Dragonflowers really do make the stats extremely similar.


Let’s be hinest, though. She’d have to have a damn nice refine to compete with Shez, but I’m hopeful.

Mostly because I was one of the first here to +10 Echidna and I still like her a lot.

I’ll still find a way to use her. Probably in PvE stuff.


Nice to see her getting praised. I was initially against any Hopes content in Heroes when the game came out, fearing we’d only see yet more 3 Lords, but I really grew to love Shez, far more than Byleth, so was thrilled that she’s not only in but a demote. Who’d’ve thought having a personality for your main character is a good thing.

I’ve been loving using her and hoping to get the same Surge Sparrow/Null-F build for her but currently running

That special/A combo did come from Byleth so she has succeeded in slaying the Ashen Demon. And then herself for the B/C, just to prove she’s the strongest mercenary.

Once she gets her merges, she’s going to eventually replace Ninja Hana on my arena team who really cannot compete with her at all, although quading Galeforce in Mjolnir’s Strike will still give her a niche. Same with my +10 Echidna and I doubt a prf will save her. Arcane weapons can’t even save them because if its better than the war-axe then Shez’ll get it with her bigger BST.


I wasn’t against it, myself; I just thought it wouldn’t happen because we never got anything for the last Warriors game. The last one isn’t even available for choosing Brave Heroes from, so I figured it’d be a licensing thing or something.

As for Shez, I’m actually not all that attached to Shez as a character. Sure, they’re likable enough, but they don’t add anything to the story. Honestly, they’re kind of irrelevant; and I sure as hell can’t ever see them beating Byleth in an actual fight. I honestly would have preferred if the game used the role to expand on Byleth if they weren’t going to really do anything with Shez, it’s really just a wasted opportunity. Also not attached to Arval, either. Didn’t trust the thing - or its obsession with Byleth - from the start.

I’m using mine in AR alongside Naga, Reginn, and Altina for the stat boosts, myself.

Personally, I wouldn’t give an Arcane weapon to Shez. Shez already has her PRF so I feel like - from a purely logical standpoint - an Arcane Weapon would be better served on a unit who either has no PRF or a terrible PRF, whereas Shez’s is already quite strong for what she need to do. Echidna (who I just like better than my Shez) needs that more than Shez does.

And on a complete side-note that’s not related to anything here:
I, too, foddered my male Shez to someone. It was not to F!Shez, however; but to a true monster on the battlefield.

(Hilda included because he’s shown with Hilda support.


I’d certainly agree there. Same with Byleth in that they do nothing for the story but give a reason for a diverging timeline. They could’ve just had you as a player pick a route at the start rather than it being an in-character choice and the respective Lord would’ve been the main character. But at least Shez can emote so is more likable.

Also agree on on the missed opportunity of more lore regarding Sothis and the Agarthans. You’d think Arval could’ve remembered something during the game to give us more info about the war between them and Sothis leading up to the events with Nemesis killing her. But we got some new guy repeatedly calling someone we to know to be a good-aligned character a monster. Yeah, you were definitely going to turn out to be evil.

That Holst is indeed as mighty as he’s talked up to be in Houses/Hopes.


I’d disagree with Byleth doing nothing for the story. Yes, they’re the reason we have diverging timelines; but we can tell through the other timelines that Byleth is the reason why the timelines end up the way they do. Edelgard, for example, becomes so fixated on her cause that she loses sight of her reasons. Dimitri becomes completely consumed by his lust for vengeance and is killed for it without Byleth. Without Byleth, Marianne is implied to have killed herself during the timeskip. Byleth may not speak much, but they have a much deeper impact on the characters around them.

I won’t deny that Shez is more expressive, I did say that they were perfectly likable despite their irrelevance, but it’s not like Byleth has no narrative reason for being emotionally repressed. It also opens her up to character development in that, even before the timeskip, she’s opened up enough to cry for her father and even fall in love by game’s end. Could it have been done better, though? Yes.

(And yes, I said “she.” I believe that Byleth is female and Shez is male)

There’s also the obsessive nature of Arval’s grudge against Byleth even if Shez decides to let the rivalry go, Arval is focused on Byleth and Byleth only, and that obsession in the face of reason is a big factor of why I never trusted 'em.

I really can’t wait to try him out in Light season. He’s gonna be a monster, and Hilda is the perfect support for him. More stats, and some DR to boot. I just need to get her Infantary Null-F from an Ascended Celica.


I’d go with that. The first FE Warriors basically confirmed Male Robin and Female Corrin so I’m taking the box art for Hopes as confirming Female Byleth and Male Shez.


It also helps suppprt the dislogues when people say that Byleth looks like Sitri. F!Byleth looks a lot more like her.
Also, I feel it makes sense for the reincarnations of Arval and Sothis to match them.

(And F!Byleth is the only Byleth that can S-Support every Lord.)


I mean that’s because it’s a 5 charge Special + Surge which will always heal 100% of your HP unless you got hit by Fatal Smoke.

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Oh, I know why it does. Doesn’t mean it isn’t funny, though.

All ready to go. Built her last night. Didn’t have a B. Skill for her so I am using what came with her. Should of been +2, but I foddered her off to someone. Then got her as a 3* atk+ on one of the last few banners. She’s pretty strong with just steel axe alone, no skills equipped.


She’s half way to +10 at least was hoping for more copies with these past 2 banners but this is fine

Just need to give her a better B slot possibly Velocity to stop CD reduction and more DR, and a better C slot not sure what yet tho


Imagine actually pulling copies of her

I’ve been free pulling green every chance I’ve gotten since she debuted and all I’ve gotten is Book I garbage interspersed with the occasional Luthier


I mean I have spent more than I hoped for on the past 2 banners going Blue/Green on the Halloween and Colorless/Green on the new banner… tho if I had Sparked for Grima instead of Eir I could have just exclusively pulled Green and possibly got more copies of Shez but :feh_lucyshrug:


She exists. I got one on the Grima banner while going for anybody but Phila.

Emphasis on “one.”


Makes me wonder if they tightened the formula odds on F Shez. I’m in the same boat and every one I’ve faced is only +1.