F2P DSS Looping Struggles

Recently went skadi hunting much like everyone else did and managed to snag one of my own after 147 summons. Been trying to make a coherent farming team for the dss skadi memes and hit a bit of a roadblock. So far i’ve tested at ember farming and Parvati will np loop with hns plugsuit waver but Zerklot wont even reliably do that and both of them are hitting for mediocre damage. I know most guides recommend np 2/3 on them but until rateups happen thats unlikely to change. Up until now i haven’t used grails/gold fous so those are an option but I’d like to save them if possible. Any suggestions or am i just going to have to suffer with scuffed DSS teams for now? Attached are my servants and ce’s.

Don’t grail/fou someone you don’t love.

You can almost-assuredly nab NP2 Zerkerlot with the 15M DL analogue/Abigail rerun banner later this year, which clears up a substantial amount of fuss with him. Parvati, yes, hits for mediocre damage when hitting neutral unfortunately, that’s why matters of “looping” vs “looping an actually killing/doing a stable 3T” are brought up so often.

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I mean as someone with indian heritage i’m not opposed to grailing parvati at the least, but its more so of a sticking point that i havent used any grails or fou yet so to shell out most of them on zerklot/parvati and still have no good quick boss killer to pair with skadi either is kinda ehh if that makes any sense.

Isn’t it still saber/rider day? It makes sense that Parvati can’t farm with class disadvantage…

You have Kintoki (Rider) (I just noticed), who is objectively one of the best ST units in the game, post-Skadi full stop, and the BG to begin to enable his highest of ceilings. You actually already have an outstanding boss-killer. Yes, even for neutral.

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I have heard grailing Parvati up to 90 fixes her lower attack, and this was even before Skadi came out, so that might be a good idea if you like using her and want to use her for DSS.

Will he do enough for boss killing for like apoc raid like stuff with neutral? I was under the impression he would fall a bit short but I may be wrong. If not then i guess i just need a good assasin boss killer to pair with him.

With 2x Skadi, L20 BG, 60 DEF Down NP5 Kinrider is hitting 226,810-277,101, neutral attribute and class. Counter-classing takes him to 453,120-553,702. With e.g. At Trifas 200% MLB we’re looking at 509K-622K. neutral. This is without Waver, who you also have, if you wanted to pump his damage even further, or considering his crits (which he will make because he’s already startlingly good at that and a Rider), or if you buffed said crits with Merlin, or if you rolled and use Wu Zetian for her buffs (-20% DEF/+20% ATK/+20% Quick Up for respectable 1.68 buff values).

He is literally the the only one of two Servants I am sad about lacking on my alt (started months after Onigashima rerun, during Apoc), he is that disgustingly powerful if you can enable some of his highest ends. Which you in fact can. I was not exaggerating calling him one of the best full stop.


You should definitely try to np2 to 3 Lancelot tbh. Until then, you can just borrow an np5 one, or Dante’s when he gets his buff, with MLB scope and run Skadi, Waver and scope Arash.

It’s times like this i wonder how your only a regular rank and not something higher LUL. That was surprisingly detailed and explained a good bit so thanks :smiley:. I took a year break and was lucky to still snag kintoki and shiki before they disappeared. Anyways tldr seems to be that ill either have to go ahead with grails and gold fous or finally get some luck on 4s. I’m at 13 unique 5s after burning orion and 14 unique 4*s excluding 2 free sr tickets which is awkward. I should note the 14 unique is including gssr pulls.

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I plan to try on the zerklot shared rate-up with saber diarmuid during fate zero rerun to hopefull fix that but believe me i’ve tried to summon both parvati and zerklot and only got both from the free tickets which shows my luck with them. You have a good idea as long as i dont have lancer node i guess but it would be hard to 3T if im borrowing a damage dealer with an event ce so ill have to improvise there.

TBH I’unno how you get higher or any such junk lol, I just know I’m at least a regular here.

Unfortunately for now your DSS shenanigans are rather hampered, yeah, though soon as you get NP2 Zerkerlot casual Free Quest farm should get dramatically easier. I went probably 2 years between my first Zerkerlot and my second, so… I can sympathize, definitely.

Hopefully in the (too-far) future DW will be kind enough to put Kintoki and Shiki up through Main Interludes lol.

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I mean i feel like while some welfares arent necessary per say people will have missed out on grails and welfares if they start late which doesn’t help when newbs see people say things like np5 kintoki is f2p friendly and your like well it may be for most of you but it isn’t for me. I’m not sure what the fix is per say but even i’m missing some grails which could easily pay for zerklot/parvati on their own probably.

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Good luck to you on that. Will be rolling for him too. I do understand your struggle right now as Dantes without his NP buff feels unreliable on higher hp thresholds despite having Waver myself.

The fix IMO is adding more Main Interludes and sooner (and ideally cheaper but that’ll never happen). Except we only have Santera, since they got released, because reasons. :fgo_insane: