F2p far savior

So I’ve been thinking about building a far save to pair with my Arden. I think I’ve worked out my two main candidates, both grail units: V!Lissa and W!Ignatz. Builds would be pretty similar to each other:

(Ignore the spd boon, I realized it’d be kinda useless here so he’d probably be +def instead).

Through my own thoughts and testing in duel sim here’s what I’ve considered.

  • More overall bulk
  • Added utility as a healer


  • Lacks killing power (may be fixable depending on the upcoming V!Elise and her “Holy Pressure” Special)


  • Better offenses thanks to specials
  • More skill variety options in general if desired


  • No added utility

Personally I am leaning towards Lissa despite her lack of offensive power, but I was also just curious on getting a bit more input to chew on. Thanks in advance.


Assuming this is for PvE either of them will work, but if you’re insisting on the displayed builds I’m inclined to lean towards Lissa. Iggy unfortunately has a lot of useless Speed on a build like that. If you had Savvy Fighter to spare I would like him more as forced follow ups are the bane of fast armors, but I know you will not kill V-Lucina so that is out.


Oh no I’d be willing to kill a Lucina. Got quite a few of her now. I’m just a bit skeptical of if he’d actually have the speed for it. Whoever I go with will likely see some use in AR in place of the A!Fjorm I currently use on one of my light teams (and before anyone mentions it yes I know Embla makes saves harder to use on light season, I’ll make do).


In my opinion - and what you, yourself already mentioned - is that what it really comes down to is whether you want the Savior to secure damage and kills. If yes, Ignatz is the better option. More damage potential in the form of Deadeye and such (pending upcoming Elise). Personally, I would opt for having my Savior do damage to the people he’s tanking to either soften them for initiators or maybe just remove them from the map outright so that you’re taking less fire in the first place.

Lissa has the ability to heal, yes; but if she’s soaking up the ranged damage, there would be less damage for her to heal and kind of kneecaps her use as a healer, IMO. Unless you’re running a Saveball and she’s healing her Near Savior. I would say that Healers being neutral in saves and being able to heal both would be more of a maximization.


Well I did mention she’d be paired with Arden, who does run near save. So yeah she’d also likely be healing him too.


Here’s the AR team Arden is on btw. Like I said they’d be replacing Fjorm.


If it’s for AR Lissa’s lack of killing power can be advantageous in a way. Breaking pots is always an issue for Save teams so a Savior that does less damage can buy you a bit more time to do that.

I’m also a bit skeptical about Ignatz having no healing whatsoever (well, aside from any support like Eir) I also use A-Fjorm with Flayn in Light season and even with her Hardy Fighter and innate healing she can get worn down a lot. Ignatz has no DR and no healing and thus will be worn down even faster


I did miss that part, but still. If she’s the one soaking ranged damage, the she’s entirely reliant on Arden taking damage for her own healing through Martyr, and I would argue that as a weak point in her own sustain. A neutral healer outside of the Save Ball would be more easily able to sustain both tanks.


Ngl maybe I should have waited until after we found out what Holy Pressure is before asking this but whatever lol. I’ve been told that it appears to be spd based so it may not help Lissa much anyway if it is.


ARO killing potential is very important. Get rid of any threat before they get danced and causes more problems. Ignatz is better in that sense.

ARD I prefer the support potentials in Lissa with all kinds of staffs that she can bring. There is no sugar coating it; the saviors is going to die one way or another, so any kind of support impact they can provide is going to be the cherry on top.

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Definitely my main concern with her. If her offenses weren’t as much of an issue I probably would have just went with her to begin with. Like TheEternalShade mentioned it really is whether I value the ability to kill or the ability to heal, which is where I’ve been having trouble deciding :feh_eirikathink:

Btw, here’s a possible alternative for Ignatz since you brought up savvy. The save will be coming from a Fjorm so I could give him steady posture 3 along with it to help with his spd. Deadeye is nice but I feel Glimmer would be better here for more reliable activation. Or maybe a healing special instead.

Rough testing in duel sim does show the initial build performing better however. Granted this kind of scenario probably isn’t likely in AR, as the melee he’d be covering should finish them off ideally.

imo one copy of a modern savior like H! Duma or Formortis is much better than a +10 of any f2p unit today.

Also watch out for the new staff special and wrathful 4 before making any decision :-)


Yeah, this is true. It’s hard to recommend FTP armors as competitive Saviors, especially ranged ones. Hardy Fighter is so centralizing that a lot of nukes are built around cracking it, so anyone without access to it (IE every single ranged armor) is gonna wind up pulverized


Definitely true that those examples are pretty strong. Might be worth waiting to see how AHR goes, one of them could end up on the banner.

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Having used Lissa on numerous legend/mythic battles, I can say nothing less than the likes of abyssal Arval or Shez can crack her. She’ll never kill anything but she can handle astonishing levels of punishment with just her staff’s self healing. Just go all in with Def/Res Save and Def/Res Form.

That said, it’s very true some premium far save will likely be doing better unmerged but then ask yourself, are they as cute as her?


Sadly D/R far save isn’t an option, but I can believe it that she’s tanky as hell. Even the build I had proposed does pretty damn well in the duel sim against the filtered hard list with them at +10 with full buffs (so quite extreme cases weighted against her).

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Consider Lissa for ARD only. I don’t even equip heal because I don’t want to waste dance. She is there to stall and cover the team.

Ignatz is the better option if you plan to use him in both offense and defense.

No regrets with this build. She’s a pretty good tank with built in healing. (Only use for some PvE…and because she’s fun)