F2P forma Catria?


I have a single copy of her that I use sometimes for challenges from her FE game and such. She seems quite powerful with all the attack stacking. I wouldnt be merging her up anytime soon, but I have 3 forma souls burning a hole in my pocket as an F2P player, and I got this skillset:

When is she getting a refine? And would you go ahead and +1 her with this forma? Deadline is today, so Im a little late to ask…


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If you only use her occasionally for SoV limited events and other things I wouldn’t bother.

She’s strong, but I wouldn’t say amazing enough to justify it.

Next HoF we are getting F!Julia, who I would argue is better as a one off (even so, I probably still wouldn’t recommend getting her).

Forma souls don’t expire, so it’s worth keeping in case a merge project or extremely powerful unit comes along.
Especially as a f2p player


We are only in early Book 3 for refines, and that’s mostly only because of the Beast units, while Catria is pretty much end of Book 3 so she’s going to be a while

Hmm thanks for that. I think I’m gonna hold off on it. Probably wait till its a unit I would merge.


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