So I have around 40 Sq and 10 tickets and I have just completed shinjuku with the other 3 Eor’s left alongwith LB 1 and LB2 possibly. The amount of Sq I can get get from part 1 free quests is 83.

Now according to me before Skadi and Summer 3. I can get this much Sq

1.20×5 singularities(clearing story)
2.40 from kogetsukan event
3.17×5(eor and lb free quests)
4. 10 tickets from download campaign(30 sq)
5.120 Sq from anniversary 4 campaign(+10 tickets-30sq)
6.20 Sq from a followers campaign and a days milestone campaign

Total:425 tentative

Of course excluding shop and login Sq
Can someone please confirm that these calculations are correct?


Isn’t this KOGETSUGAN event only supposed to give 10 SQ and not 40 SQ?:thinking::female_detective:

What am I missing?

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There is a 30 Sq reward for social media goal

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Ahhh! Oki that changes everything. Well, I personally don’t see anything wrong. But I recommend waiting for a third party to confirm this lol

The 30 SQ is from the 10M DL Campaign, not the Sherlock event.

But yes, we are getting 40 saint quartz.

Chill :stuck_out_tongue:

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Seems fairly good, but I bet you will overshoot that by at least a 100 if you consider other SQ gains. This should help and there’s also a link for these yearly things. Someone here should eventually post it.

Yeah , I did use that tool and I just wanted to confirm my values that’s why I posted here. My net total from all sources excluding interludes and rank up is 590-ish

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Um, how exactly did you get the anniversary SQ. What’s your login total? The arithmetic definitely adds up, but if you count the other events/give aways in between I think you get notably higher numbers.

Like maybe 100 more possibly. Even higher with miscellaneous stuff.

60 free sq for something called the chaldean broadcasters , 40 sq for Eor completion and the 20 sq for the change in 50 day login sq(might be 30)