F2P style

So as a f2p I was thinking how it sucks I can’t indulge in the gacha but then I thought how at least that meant having fewer servant to put resources on .
I already maxed all my servants (one or two I don’t like) so what do you think the pros and cons for F2P

Way fewer Servants to focus on by sheer volume, and way fewer back-and-forth’s between all sorts of banners, particularly if you focus on the most bang for your buck/“meta”/convenient possible puls.

However fewer to experiment with than had you spent money to aim for more units/be less restricted.


More units, more entertaining because variety increase a lot.

Worth it? There is no right answer to that.

If you are rich, you can whale.

If you gain a good wage you can whale.

If you struggle to pay your taxes and buy food, you’d better remain f2p.


It makes you a better player - you have to play to your strengths and abuse enemy weaknesses.
Now if you are also limiting yourself to 1-3 ce’s and no welfare servants and ce’s it gets even better in terms of pure gameplay I think. There is an actual threat of failing. There comes a certain point I feel and so far have experienced that even the most difficult cq’s carry very little threat once you have everything setup with 4&5 servants and CE’s

I plan on starting another account once Jason - the only bronze saber in the game hits na. No supports, if support hits the frontline I’m counting it as a fail. nothing that can’t be obtained outside FP gacha is allowed

I consider remaining strictly free to play somewhat irrational. In my opinion, much of the appeal of FGO is in acquiring and using servants you like. I’m willing to pay to support my hobbies, especially considering how much time I invest in the game.

If you fail to get the servants you really love, why even keep playing? You don’t have to whale, you just have to set realistic goals and priorities.

Of course, if your favorite servants are FTP anyway, no problem. But I think it’s a bit odd to be so averse to spending money that you can’t fully enjoy the game.


Considering the time you invest into it it’s a good idea to make that time even more enjoyable, so i think buying SQs for the servants you like the most and make use of the GSSRs will ultimately enhance your overall experience.

Can’t really tell any pros and cons though since it all depends on your preferences and what you want from this game.


This is precisely one of several reasons I’m glad I remained true to my conviction of staying as a F2P

Fewer Servants means fewer resources AND time to waste farming mats for your team

It also means your amount of mats and QP will continue to increase while patiently awaiting the arrival of your most desired Servant

This is probably one of the hugest negative points of being a F2P and a liability that might endanger the will of certain F2P people to stay consistent/play the long game/logging in to claim daily rewards and a large etc

You’re constantly using the same Servant over and over and over and you might reach a point where you must ask yourself “Is it really worth to continue playing if I only have “Insert Servant name” to rely on?”

Eventually, you’ll get tired of repeatedly using the same Servants and call it quits


Assuming one has collectors inclination or many favorites, that is. Not that you’re otherwise wrong about the greatly limiting factor being one of the biggest cons, although that alone wildly varies. I also find the assumption of uniformly eventually being tired of uniformity to be ill-conceived, just from experience with this very fandom.

At least on a personal level, I know I didn’t enjoy the game any more after getting Yan Qing or Saber Eli than I did before them, because I didn’t have fun with them in the first place, except now they’re here and collecting dust in favor of those I am always enjoying. Diversity of roster means little if the injection itself is personally irrelevant.


Don’t really know about the pros and cons of F2P as I’ve been a dolphin since I started. I suppose having a lot more money in your wallet is a good positive.

I get not wanting to spend a lot of money on this game, however if you play this game every day and are very committed, I don’t see a problem with spending for at least 1 servant you greatly want a year and the bi-annual GSSR.

Main appeal of the game is using your favorite servants since the difficulty of the game isn’t very challenging. That and more servants can potentially let you experiment and have some fun with possible teams and playstyles that you wouldn’t get if you just stuck with F2P servants and the few higher rarity servants you’ll obtain. I know I get sick of playing the same servant (no matter how strong) over and over and over.

Since this is one of the few games I actually play and get into, I don’t see spending some money to be a bad thing since it does give me a lot of enjoyment.


I do feel a sense of accomplishment considering the things I’ve managed without waver and merlin and spending outside of GSSR’s. Sometimes you need to get really creative along with some lucky rolls.

But the lack of whale levels of servants means that I don’t have to sell my soul during lotteries, don’t have a backlog of servants, and have a relatively easy time insta skill maxing spooks I get with the materials I slowly aquire.


Probably the most fun I’ve had related to my lack of options is figuring out how to farm stuff and optimising my setups, feels very satisfying when I can pull off a 3-5t comp with 4-5 event drop CEs on a hard node.


Asking players to give you hundreds to thousands of dollars to maybe get a gacha servant is so greedy it is almost criminal.

Just play the game and have fun, i’m F2P and i’m having fun, if i fail geting something, ok is kinda sad, but that’s isn’t a con at all, we are playing a game that a lot of his mechanics are based in luck so this kinds of things happen, i’m a happy luck players


Have you seen any EA game, they make Fgo look like a cheap game

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With all due respect, even though I get your point and don’t find it unfair, I can’t… fully agree with that approach as an argument. Eating someone’s plate of oreos is less rude than eating the entirety of someone’s packet of oreos, but it’s still rather rude.

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Is it just me, or do you find that early on in the game summoning Servants of rank star 4+ is a higher ratio compared to a more full roster of 4 :star2: + Chaldea servants?

It’s just your own perception. Rates do not vary between accounts.

Yeah I knew that, it just a perception of getting what felt like Servants more often with less SQ compared to now. Partially due to the current thought where i actually aim for a particular Servant. In the past, i just rolled willy nilly not knowing too much bout whose good or bad and just happy with whomever joined my Chaldea.

I was strictly F2P until last GSSR/Hokusai’s release(forget which happened first) and even then I didn’t spend a lot of money on it. 2 SQ packs, as I only see value in buying the highest amount. Within my 600 days of playing, I have maxed my favorite servants NP. I have Tamamo. Most of my SR’s are NP2 or 3 and I have quite a lot and a SSR’s that I did not roll for on rates up.

Since then I’ve spent quite a bit on SQ but only for a servant I really want(Waver) twice and failed to get him and I will do so again when he is on rate up on Zero banner. As others have said, set realistic goals and don’t shy away from it. There’s a thread to encourage saving SQ for servants Masters want in the upcoming future.

I think if you grind events you won’t have much issue regardless if you’re F2P , Dolphin or Whale. The hardest thing for F2P imo is 1.Not having event CE’s all the the time so it takes a little longer to finish but is still possible if you don’t slack off. 2. QP. But Lottos exist so there’s an answer for that too. 3. FP Summon. A F2P will have it harder to gain lots of pts for this but dolphins and whales will most likely hordes of FP’s.

There’s a con to being F2P that doesn’t get as much mention since everyone usually focuses on the limited SRs and SSRs you get–and that is the same applies to CEs.

As F2P, given that you’re rolling less on on the SQ gachas, obviously ends up meaning you get far fewer SR/SSR CEs–though more than servants, of course. But you will lack the variety, as well as the more important ability to MLB them. Servants somewhat inverse-scale with copies, as each NP level usually gives you diminshing returns on damage (i.e., NP2 may be 33% more damage, but NP3 only 13% more than NP2, etc.)

CEs, on the other hand, don’t significantly change until you MLB them (except for their attack and/or HP stat). And getting those multiple copies is up to the RNG gods. For example, I didn’t get a Kscope for about 1.5 yrs, and I just recently MLB’ed IE (after about 2 yrs). I don’t have either a Black Grail or a 2030. I don’t have any SSR CEs MLB’ed (except for event CEs), and I think only 1 is close (4 copies of Another Ending, which frankly I’ve never even used to my recollection).

However, a large part of my drought of CEs is probably because of my saving for Skadi (now have 1700+ SQ with the anniversary gifts. So perhaps I’ll be in for a bunch while I roll for her.