F2P team for Case Files Barbatos raid, not quite 1-turn

Mecha Eli Chan + Aerial Drive / The Classic Three Great Heroes
Medea + Royal Icing
Shakespeare/Zhuge/Attila Santa + Ox-Demon King / Waver’s bond CE
Merlin (from friend)

Medea can both clear Mecha Eli of the potential -50% buster debuff, and contribute decent damage with her own NP, benefitting from the defense debuff Mecha Eli inflects. If she gets the -50% arts debuff, she can clear it too.

408K~498K Damage with L10 plugsuit + Aerial Drive + MLB ODK + Waver (best)
395K~482K Damage with L10 plugsuit + Great Heroes + MLB ODK + Shakespeare
325K~397K Damage with L1 plugsuit + Great Heroes + no ODK + Attila (worst)
(assuming L15 CEs, max silver fous and skills, medea interlude, no grails)

Why not Shuten? What about Jeanne Berserker?
The boss being heaven attribute makes Shuten do far less damage, while they would do similar damage to assassins with a neutral attribute like star. Shuten’s anti-demonic damage doesn’t apply to Demon Pillars, according to the wiki. Jeanne Berserker does almost as much damage as Mecha Eli, so you can use her if you have her higher-leveled. If using Jeanne, Attila the Santa will provide a few thousand more NP damage than Waver. However, Waver will help you finish the job when your NPs fail to kill the boss.

Swap whom for whom?
If you switch in Merlin from the back, your other support can use all their buffs on turn 1, and Merlin can save his invincibility. However, the boss may activate ignore invincibility, and Waver gets event bonus damage. If one support has their bond CE, remember to switch them in rather than out.

How to calculate damage?

Jeanne Berserker damage calcs?
394K~482K Damage with Attila (most damage) + L10 plugsuit + Three Great Heroes + MLB ODK
349K~426K Damage with Shakespeare (worst) + L1 plugsuit + Aerial Drive + non-LB ODK
(assuming L15 CEs, max silver fous and skills, medea interlude, no grails)


If you are old enough to have Jeanne, I assume you have Ryouma (or Helena), so you could try running my F2P 1-turn setup:

  • Ryouma / Helena
  • Mecha Eli
  • Jeanne Berserker
  • friend Merlin

Plugsuit Ryouma for Merlin, and you can get both Mecha Eli and Jeanne to 100%, for a NP(B)-NP(B)-B chain. My DPS are both Grailed to 90, but I think you should break 500k with both NPs.

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(We have a thread for this.)