Faces of Embla

Did a quick few ideas for Embla,frankly despise clash as a skill as it’s easy to weaken and restrictive in use. :feh_bylethsmile:

A good player phase will try to snipe her, this build is for the case of archers, she’s also just a decent ep unit if you more than squint. She has mitigation, cannot be debuffed, weary (kinda), and power. (Build wants grand snatcher or hector

This is in the case of not having a far saver to protec her, it’s hard to add one in at times on offensive teams, also I hate doing it. They suck.

Fully offensive emblas want to gale force, she prevents supports and near save so she is probably the most consistent gale force on the game, she also has horse/flyer range, so she will make interesting traps. With her innate mitigation + guard + impact + as a unit she’s real BS even ignoring he c skill.

Chill soaker Embla, she makes a great chill soaker because she will never be hit by a real debuff, meaning as a target for chills she’s untouchable.

I think miracle Embla is kinda funny tbh. In the odd chance you kill her you don’t.

(Most of these builds are based off the fact that you Can precharge her through various odd means” {hector, grandstnacher} they are just various flavors. During chaos if using her as a gf I reccamend wom do to it being unlikely she’s the beacon for such teams.)

I’ll make more concepts later, still figuring out stuff

I do this cuz I hate u :feh_bylethsmile: THER ARE NO LIMITS, rebel against base kit, all units have a new way to shine I hope my builds inspire a try hard to fuck up your god damn runs.

What I plan to do with my Embla


is something like this.

Still debating between Mirror Impact and Swift Impact, but overall I like the look of it on paper. Self-sustaining, fairly durable, decent HB potential…

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By giving up Beast Agility you struggle against anything with deny follow up though. And seeing as how you’re scared enough of dragons to run Mirror/Swift Impact, and a number of those have deny follow up via Prf (B-Tiki, F-Rhea, Medeus all come to mind off the top of my head) that is important to consider

I like the build otherwise though

I love seein more jobs for a lady people keep tryin to put into a single box, she’s so adaptable and more than a broken C skill.

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Bruh, don’t waste an Asc. Eir for Embla :fearful: Mystic Boost 4 will most likely NEVER get added on another unit. Look at even just MB3, the only other unit to get it was Duo Micaiah. From early 2020. IS decided to throw it in the seals instead after so long. And it goes without saying, T4s will never be seals, not for 500/100 coins or whatever some ppl have liked to say, unless IS really goes off the deep end. Anyway–

Too many other units really need it, and Eir is the best user for the skill. She’s busted and foddering her has minimal returns. Yeah, B!Seliph, but still.

So if you have A!Eir already, Embla should not be the priority when you get extra copies

well, if anything they’ll slap it on a duo next year or something maybe but then we’ll never see it again

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I guess I’m in a camp where “sure, other units use it well, but do I give a fuck about these shittier units”

Embla has mitigation, mitigation that scales of healing, she also has guard (essentially)

I don’t think it matters who uses it better or how well the skill if inately those who use it better are shittier units I suppose. :feh_bylethsmile:

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I don’t keep units I don’t use. I had an Ascendant Eir, and I didn’t keep that one, either, when it became clear I would never use her.

So if I get another one, I very well may fodder her to an Embla if I so choose.

Foddered my Brave Seliph, too.


Usless units die no matter how good they are, reason being they ain’t used. I respect that


I hate that the only benefit QR4 gives is the DR, but it still manages to be the best B-slot, since beasts can’t use guard bearing. Mystic boost 4 is a contester, but i would think the extra mitigation is better, atleast on AR-D. in SD or PvE Mystic boost 4 on a pure EP build as she will act as a carry rather then a unit how is hard to one round.


also noontime/sol might be better then sacred cowl. even if you pre-charge her. DeadEye getting stopped by sacred cowl makes it so presumably nothing can practically nuke her, whit buffs, yes but then the save units won’t get the support needed.

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I never got these people that say “you’re better off using x character” when I won’t even use that character, and they’re just collecting dust.


Yep, I only really use 3-4 units daily. And if said units want the new shiny fodder on unit that everyone else thinks is better….

My units are eating whatever they want. Dosnt matter how special it is. Because they are special and have carried me since 2017…. Some are newish, like kempf. But ye

Every boy gets new toys. If they want it


If the unit is not used, nether is the skill. Does not matter how good asc eir is whit mb4. If you dont use her, you dont use the skill. And at that point it is better the skill get some rare and even suboptimal use, then not at all. Sure asc Eir is a good unit, and greate at what she does. But she is not uniqe or alone in her role. So why use her over another unit you alredy have buildt and invested in if she does not do the role better, sure she has her neach, but almost all units have one neach or another, it is all about knowing how to use and support it. Asc eir is not strivtly better at the nuke job, she is best in her miracel neach. But why use that over any other neach. So in the end if the unit is not mandatory, of wich i would say we have 5 or so, there is no reason to keep the fodder unit if all they are going to do is collect dust anyway.

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yeh this I don’t get that logic at all if you’re absolutely using that unit even thogh they’re “worse” what does it matter.

That’s sexist. You’re sexist.

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Dunno bout sexist, I am the sexyest tho. The good girls get toys to I just don’t have many. :dancer:

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