Failing, Failure, a really bad begining of day

First, I use all the orbs, all, paraloge history, Challenges, Bond battle, the tickets, for what?
For a tibarn with -ATK+Hp

Second: my profesor of English didn’t come yo class today, I take the oportunity, to play the binding blade un the chapter 8, and what happened, all my unit(unless Roy rutger and 2 calvarys that I recruit on that chapter) die, them never acerted a ■■■■■■■ attack, but the enemys never failed any attack, really, any attack, now I will going to pass the next chapter with this
I don’t have anything of hapiness now, I have a free hour, I will use it to sleep





Tibarn’s one of the best red pitybreakers you could have gotten though. Even if his IV is trash, Sturdy Impact is an excellent skill. You could have easily gotten Siegbert or Swordhart or someone else with trashy fodder.


Can I have your Tibarn? No? Okay.

That Tibarn is still top tier fodder if you dont want him. Your binding blade run does look … complicated though. Good luck with that one.


I come back!!
I’m thinking on what i’ll going to give Sturdy blow
But now I need help on this situation on binding blade, it’s worst that the chapter 5x on sacred stones


Sounds like FEH was pretty good. Top tier fodder. I gave Sturdy Impact to my Kagero. She loves it.

Oh yoo!, sorry I was catching up!, now let’s see…

You’ve definitely pushed yourself into a dangerous situation, when you lose a character restart the map to “bring” them back! — at this point I can recommend you restart since theorically there’s time (and to go faster you can skip dialogs with the [START] button).

But if you’re resolved to move on then time to give my advice!:

  • Don’t rush onto enemies!, take them one by one and at least equip a weapon with neutral weapon triangle effect! (like lances when facing lance enemies)
  • Wait there’s Astolfo? (not the one of FGO :fgo_astolfo:), restart the map! — also if Lilina is dead definitely restart!!
  • Did you check the requirements for the gaiden chapters?, I think some require specific units to be alive, on top of my head I remember Miledy being a must for getting [Apocalypse]!

Also congrats for that Tibarn!, although too bad a more desirable unit didn’t come but he has nice fodder! :inherit:

The units that continue alive are Roy lv 13, rutger lv8, the paladyn that you recruit on the last chapter and the another calvary that come from the arena, something to do?

You mean Zealot and Noah right?, Noah is pretty good.

Like I said I recommend restarting the game over but skip the dialogues and cutscenes all the way to chapter 8, you’ll be back there before you know!, and restart if you get bad growths or get someone dead!, at least you know how the maps will go

Okey, but the level of Roy going to get Lost, :'v

No worries!, actually you can restart and might get better growths on him!, it’s important that on your level-ups you get a good number of stat increases, so like 3 will suffice!

okey, thank you very much

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You think Tibarn is bad?

cries in Siegbert

no him, his iv, that´s completly trash

Sturdy Impact is always nice to have tho

that is true, Now I need someone that could use it