Hi! This used to be asked all the time before the introduction of Charm fast move, first and only so far.

Fairy Wind can be learned by five pokemon released on go: Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Weezing, Mawile, Cottonee and Togetic (& all the evolutions of those). Ideally it’d become another fairy fast move.

The thing is mostly with Galarian Weezing and Mawile. Weezing is completely hindered by only knowing Tackle as fast move, so it’s incapacitated to participate in leagues, and it would totally make a solid pick if not for bad fast move. Now Mawile is definitely useful for the league, but it can only pick off-type roles, using Ice or Fire Fang. Giving Mawile the chance to play as the (metallic) fairy it is would open up a neat option to add to a team.

Charm is nice and all, but I wouldn’t mind getting to choose on some of those pokemon less damage but let out some fairy charged moves or coverage options.

I happen to use 3 of those pokemon and could consider adding Weezing to my roster too :slight_smile:


I would like to see Fairy wind as a kinda clone of Bullet Punch 3 DPT, 3,5 EPT or something that ressembles it : Fire spin, wing attack…

faire with fast fast moves would kinda change the gameplay style of fairies completely!

Imagine a Togetic that can unload FT and DG quite fast!


I just want a Hidden Power buff tbh - wouldn’t take much for it to be an interesting option


You would still want Charm due to the sheer damage output plus Charm doesn’t care about shields.

I feel you on this one. Fairy is a decent offensive and defensive typing in many meta’s, but most of the fairy pokemon’s performance is just solely fast attack output, which makes fairies so inflexible, and aside from snarl Granbull or Azumarill, I absolutely refuse to use these fairies. The idea to win your matches simply because you’re hoping to face the right things instead of using some skill in energy management, counting and possible sack swaps is below my level and a boring, disgusting way to play this.

Just imagine everyone plays Victreebel - Wigglytuff - Mawile in Halloween cup meta right now. PvP would be just as lame and brainless as raids and if you’d catch a bad lead you might as well just leave. Unfortunately hard-hitting fast type moves are a thing right now, but I really hope that moves like Charm and Razor Leaf get a bit stabilized or replaced


I agree strongly with you. I usually dont use these kind of pokemons,(except Togekiss from time to time).

I mean, strategy is as fun as the battle itself or even more fun.

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That’d be sweet, but in the main series fairy and normal arent eligible types for HP so it would affect any types except those two

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I’ve seen people pull that one before. Shadow variants. Too busy to play or what?

Yes and no. You can have a strategy having a certain fast move hard hitter and some spammers. Thing is fairies are stuck being charmers so currently you cant have any spammer/balanced fairies right now. Excluding snarl cases but that quute doesnt cut it for what I’m wishing


That’s an interesting observation. I personally don’t think its a “cheap strategy” but I can definitely see how using just fastmove “slugs” makes it much more about lead matchup than anything (since you have no flexibility with charge moves). I think it makes for interesting strategies for when shields are in play. I’ve been beat by trainers who saved a “slugger” for the very end and my shield advantage didn’t mean anything. :dizzy_face: To them I say: “well played!”. That said, because of their in-flexibility, it makes for a very gimmicky team that’s going to have huge wins/losses, just like the Shadows.

tl;dr I don’t think its imbalanced to have hard-hitting fastmoves like Charm & Razor Leaf. Its a different strategy from the extreme “spam” of other dominant 'mon like Swampert, Snorlax, 'TinA, Dragonite, etc. which I find also require little skill in using.

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I feel neutral about hard hitting moves, but I kind of get what @martijnLW was saying. Using the spammy pokemons @captpepperjack mentioned as example, dragonite vs. swampert. Dragonite shouldn’t just fire DC when it gets to enough energy. Dragonite should count swampert’s fast moves, and fire each CM right when swampert get to Sludge Wave (or the next charge move following SW) to win CMP, so that you leave shield option to the opponent and save as much energy as possible. Little tricks like that are plays that can get you to higher rating, and that definitely requires more focus than just tapping. In contrast, Charmers/Razor Leafers could also get you to higher rating, but more by strategy than skills. Those 2 or 3 strategies are the same and are copied among players. One of them is as simple as “bastiodon safe switch to the more bulky grass, back to bastiodon after it faints, and finish with shadow victreebel.” Almost no skills/tricks are required during those tapping. You just happen to win when opponent’s team comp fits that strategy. That’s how they earned the name “grasshole.” :)


The term balanced I used to say: decent energy and damage but not a lot or too little of either.
Bullet Punch, Water Gun, Fire Spin etc

On my 2nd account I’m liking leading off with a Hex A-Wak…small issue being it has Shadowball and Fire Blast. Mirrors are funny, guess half of the players don’t notice there is no fire animation. Galvantula users want to autoswitch but some of them recognize they aren’t dying so they stay in and throw some ineffective move and then switch. The moderate Hex damage the Galvantula took helps beat the Galvantula later on with less than ideal counters. Fire Blast at least does some damage to Umbreon and Mandibuzz, but like 80% to Wigglytuff…go from being a moron to at least deceptive when that lands.

Great way to find out about Shadow Bone, I had not a clue…behind in both time zone and information. Didn’t matter much, they didn’t block my Hex+Shadowball

That is very on topic, great input

Yeah high dpe moves are inflexible like that, but is it really strategy? At this moment, using a fairy is just praying it doesn’t get aligned to a steel/poison type. Nothing you can do if it does because it can’t get to its charged moves that are supposed to provide coverage. You’re just playing rock paper scissor if, for example, you have a fairy in the back to protect your Poliwrath lead, right?

So, is that really strategy?

Don’t get me wrong, there are people using solid strategies using a fairy (like baiting out the Melmetal with Dialga, or have a line like Melmetal/GiratinaA/Togekiss, spamming weak moves you dont want to shield and then end up facing a 2 shielded Togekiss).

But in the current state these high dpe moves are just too oppressive. I know for a fact that half of the top 50 in ULPC was rocking double fairy and now half top 50 in hween cup is rocking rock/grasshole. It’s pathetic. What are the leaderboards for if they don’t show the best players among us

So I’d rather not just see a new fairy move but also just to adjust the current charm and razor leaf moves. Because in some matches those charged move buttons might as well be left out and I assume thats not how pvp was supposed to be

Without Charm Togekiss is basically Mew…but with weak Flamethrower and pathetic Ancient Power. Viable razor leaf users have PvE attacks under 210, don’t even care what their PvP attack is for the high leagues because they are unusable. HC Swampert is a complete menace in Ultra League…if someone wants to play with RL there to negate that menace then let them. Same for Gira-A, let charmers beat DB Gira easily…DB Giras are hedging against Obstagoons and A-Muks…should be a penalty for that hedge beyond just a disadvantage vs steels. TBH, SC or DB for Gira-A vs Melmetal and Registeel barely even matters, so that might not even register as a consideration

An energy high move for fairy would be great but it’s very much to the whims of Niantic. Hopefully the release of Sylveon might see it come it as a fairy celebration event - the usual MO.


How is Togekiss like Mew…? Different stats, typing and moveset

They are both Overpowered by meta-Pokemon. Extremely overpowered by them. However, Togekiss has no flexibility. At all. Charm and resisting Dragon Breath are its only attributes in Masters. Lessening Charm’s damage would necessitate improving its charged moves, or it could go away. They don’t PvP delete a lot of pokemon, but they’ve probably done it before.

They’re not overpowered by meta-pokemon at all in either UL or ML, especially Mew depending on moveset