Fairy Winders worth TMing

Looking at some of the 'mon that got the new move Fairy Wind; which are actually worth using with that fastmove?

Its obviously terrible in PvE so we’ll ignore that, but for PvP is it always worth using when available? It looks like Slurpuff flips its utility from “basic Charmer” to “Fairy spammer” so that’s worth it and Geezing is finally playable; but do Mawile, Jumpluff, or Florges really want to use it in place of existing fastmove(s)?

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Jumpluff and Florges seem to be optional, they either offer new coverage or trade it for STAB, but otherwise the difference isn’t particularly large.

But Mawile gets a radically different style of play, since Fairy Wind generates energy much faster than its other moves. While you sacrifice fast move damage, Mawile gets to access its charged moves sooner, which is good because some of them are expensive but strong. Moves like Play Rough, or even Return (if purified) become more practical. And you can still bait with Power-Up Punch too. You could possibly compare it to Sableye now.

I wonder about Florges; seems like Vine Whip is useful in UL for Swampert and Walrein but less in ML where Flying/Dragons are more common (and Petal Blizzard is grass coverage since Poison is absent).

Mawile is the one that seemed the least useful (of the actual Fairies) since PuP doesn’t buff as much and its secondary chargemoves aren’t very good. Return is an interesting idea though but it does make it toothless against Steel. Seems interesting but not an improvement over _Fang IMHO. Anybody try it out?

G-Rapidash has play in Psychic Cup, and may be interesting in open GL as well.

Been loving it in Psycup! I think its a direct improvement over Psycut since it can punish Dark and Dragon more easily. Poison likely kills it quickly anyway so the chip damage there isn’t worth it.

Zyonik featured a nice video i think with shadow mawile. Quite impressive, though for sure not a top one.
Jumpluff with acrobatics is very good, though also not a major improvement. Still it’s definitely an improvement, in most bad matchups it can get to two acrobatics which was not the case before. Florges i also think is better, keep both away from steel though, of course.