Fake marriages in fgo

It must be a sin to be married in fgo. Everytime it is mentioned that a servant had prior relationship experience
they have to immediately clarify that is was “only on paper”. (Because only the most trashy and dirty people have that!)

Skadi gets called by fgo and even calls herself the “bride of the gods”, but immediately in the next sentence removes this stain by saying lb 2 skadi actually never married.

Altera bluntly states she was married several times in her life, but quickly corrects herself that is was only on paper.

Now caster Gilgamesh tells us about ereshkigals marriage, but of course altera has to chime in and calms down upset players by saying “it wasn’t like that”

I did write about this before, but I still don’t understand why the game has to do this at all costs. “Cant be a waifu if you are not pure” that’s the message I’m getting.

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In the case of Skadi is just a version of another world that never get married, they need to explain the difference between her and the version of the normal world.

And isn’t everytime, easy example, Tomoe Gozen, she was married and she had a son, and she don’t stop talking about him, they don’t do that thing with her at all, so you can’t say everytime because isn’t everytime


It might be too repetetive but i dont see how is that a problem. Also I’m sure some of the servants like tomoe gozen and eric bloodaxe clearly say they still remember and love their previous partners


That’s interesting. I must’ve missed that detail on account of all the skipping I’ve done recently. Did they say anything about Ishtar’s marriage at all in previous events or in other dialogue? I’d imagine they must have done something about that too seeing as she’s pretty popular.

Waifu can’t be already married, else how could they marry the player?

That’s probably the hidden message.


They do, Tomoe never stop talking about it, the speaks of how much she love him, and Eric bloodaxe with him bloody axe probably do(i haven’t even use him to be honest)


ım pretty sure in one of his interludes we straight up talk with his wife and she’s jealous of him so eric doesnt talk like beowulf but uses berserker language to not make her upset


I could give him a try just for that

I dunno, if the doujins I’ve read are any indication, people in the community don’t really seem to care about matrimonial bonds all that much.

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Seriously it’s a waifu/husbando game at the core. Did you expect DW to make the all the perviously married waifus go on and on about their exes?

About Ishtar's Husband

Ishtar is married to Dumuzid. But he only married her for her title of goddess and didn’t actually care for her.

As soon as she died and he became Uruk’s patron God, he technically wasn’t married to her anymore since “until death do us a part”.


That’s quite interesting. I’m not quite familiar with Sumerian mythology/religion as my knowledge of it extends pretty much only to the bits FGO has incorporated into its story and characters but it does seem pretty interesting.



PHH Skadi and LB Skadi are two different people. One is married, the other isn’t

FGO!Altera is an alien from the space, so I don’t see why we should care about the fact she was married or not

In the original myth Nergal was an abusive man who forced Ereshkigal in marriage, threatening to cut off her head. FGO!Nergal is abusive too, but in a different way, so why should we care about his marriage with Eresh?

Tbh I’ve never met a Fate fan who was seriously annoyed by the fact their favorite servant was married. On the contrary I often read about players who pulled Sigurd only to reunite him with Brynhild, for example.

Seems like a personal problem tbh


Is there a list of genderbent characters somewhere? I think the game is mostly focused on being all about cute anime girls. Most of the fanbase is probably lonely gamer weebs (I’m guilty!). I’m guessing the married-but-not-really-married thing is part of that. I didn’t see no wedding rings on any of the character’s fingers…

There are quite a bit of examples where the script is twisted to preserve the purity of the waifu and I’m pretty sure it’s all to appeal to otakus with quite a sexist mentality. It feels really jarring, to be honest.

On the other hand, fortunately, they don’t do it with all the female servants, which well, it’s something, given how retrograd is moe/waifu culture.


Well, a lot of heroic spirits are from periods or places were wasn’t normal the thing of the ring, and for Warriors would be not exactly useful using those rings on battle

Actually Summer Brynhildr has something similar to a ring in her FA. Her third ascension/FA have elements related to wedding, such as the veil, the flowers etc

Also, during her NP her and Sigurd kill the foes holding together the same blade. If you use Bryn’s third ascension and Sigurd’s summer outfit, they look like a groom and a bride cutting the cake holding together the same knife but instead they’re killing people


I can try making one:

  1. Arturia Pendragon (and all her alternative forms)
  2. Nero Claudius
  3. Altera (even if her origin in Fate is somewhat weird, she’s still Attila the Hun)
  4. Ushiwakamaru
  5. Jing Ke
  6. Francis Drake
  7. Okita Souji
  8. Oda Nobunaga (most of the time)
  9. Jack the Ripper
  10. Mordred
  11. Frankenstein('s Monster)
  12. Shuten-Douji
  13. Xuanzang Sanzang
  14. Minamoto-no-Raikou
  15. Ibaraki-Douji
  16. Leonardo da Vinci
  17. Quetzalcoatl
  18. Miyamoto Musashi
  19. Paul Bunyan
  20. Nezha
  21. Kama (I guess)
  22. Sima Yi
  23. Nagao Kagetora
  24. Gareth
  25. Pollux (one of the Dioscuri Twins)

Soooo… I counted 25 (well, alternative forms not included, but characters themselves getting genderbent).
Also I didn’t include gender ambiguous Servants like Astolfo, d’Eon and someone like Hokusai, who isn’t exactly genderbent, since Oei was a girl to begin with. And I didn’t include Van Gogh yet. Still too unclear what that Servant really is, imo.

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The Jack not exactly a genderbent, that isn’t Jack the reaper just a servant with his name because is a represention of the period of time that Jack the reaper lived, the normal Jack the reaper (the one of Strange Fake) i think is a dude

Ibaraki and Jack can’t really be called genderbent (I prefer to call it sex swapped myself).

Jack the Ripper was never caught and nobody knows what sex they were. There is actually a theory that the IRL Jack was a woman.

And, from what I read of Ibaraki and shuten’s Wikipedia there are some who believe that Ibaraki was a female Oni in Love with Shuten.

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