Fallen Heroes Free Summon?

So I decided to pull on the fallen banner today, since there’s the safety net of the guareenteed summon. My plan was to grab an Ike for AR shenangians, and maybe a Lyon? :feh_arthurthink:
In 150 orbs, I was able to get one +Res -Def Ike before the 40 summons hit. Now I’m not sure whether to go for Ike for either a merge or fodder, or Lyon for a pure ranged counter. But I’m not sure how good Lyon really is on offense :thinking:

  • Ike
  • Lyon

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Lyon is amazing on offense! I’m horrible at AR and he carries me through the stupidest team setups in Tier 21+. :feh_flaynsmile: Definitely recommend him, specially since you already have an Ike.


Lyon stands out as a mage and ranged counter, Ike is just another sword unit with good fodder


lyon and put sturdy impact on him and fit him onto your defense :feh_legion:

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Ike end turns everything and is ridiculously stupid, especially during his next 2 bonus seasons. Reverses debuffs on a season where Bright Shrine is the bonus building

Didn’t pull Lyon but I think his offense potential is kinda overrated


Tibarns are going to the merge count, and Summer Lyn is elsewhere in the world :feh_legion:
But yeah I’ve heard good things about Lyon for defense. Really sticky unit that can also do lots of damage.

I just tried out Ike against my own defense, and he just wiped it easily. :feh_bernieshock:
It probably doesn’t help that all of my dancers kept dancing Brave Veronica since she is the only unit that wouldn’t die to him, but all that did was let Ike wipe the rest of the defense one by one.
Merric was the only unit that did significant damage. (With Blazing Wind)
So yeah, Ike is bonkers. :feh_legion:
It was his bonus season, but it’s still kinda stupid.

Good to know people are getting good results out of Lyon! :feh_flaynfish:
What season and build are you running him with? I typically keep base kit as much as I can for budget reasons, so knowing if I need any key fodder is crucial.


i havent seen any defense blessings on him at all, although they might still be using him. but raven tomes are super underrated on defense. a +10 henry gave me a lot of trouble. wont get impact on him in time for his season though :pensive:.

base kit lyon is definitely more suited to offense.

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I also think Ike is more future proof, even though he’s another infantry sword unit

Debuffs are incredibly common and most defenses inflict some kind of Panic. Ike doesn’t just ignore Panic, but he basically turns it into Bonus Doubler

Lyon is a green unit in a meta where Eliwood is getting more and more common


Lyon is definitely a solid option but you can’t just swipe Ike off as another swordie imo. Dude can pop off aether in 1 round and says no to debuffs and last I checked AR was debuff central. Extremely powerful swordie, question is do you need a ranged tank more or a juiced sword more?

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I use him with his base kit and make it my mission to destroy the enemy’s Panic Manor as soon as I can! :feh_legion: Works like a charm in teams where people rely too much on their ranged units, AKA most of the ones I face.

I once found a team consisting solely of ranged units like L!Azura, Ophelia, B!Veronica, etc. It was a massacre.

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Lyon could fill a hole in my Astra teams as an AoE soaker, which is pretty hard to do in Astra compared to Light :thinking:
Light carries: Caineghis & Kaden (AoE soaker and Special Fighter/Noontime), Young Marth (part tank, part Vantage), Fallen Ike (Repel tanking)
Bridal Fjorm is on Light also.
Duo Alfonse used to be Light, but with all the Yunes and Bramimonds and other stuff running around, I think he’ll do better on Astra.
My other Astra carries are Brave Ike & Brave Lucina (basically does every single battle), and Young Caeda (niche Vantage user, haven’t been able to find a good match for her yet lol)
I have my Aversa on Astra.
I also run Legendary Leif sometimes if it’s the right season and I remember to swap my flux team. :feh_legion:

True, debuff negation is insanely powerful. Ike can also just stack stats in order to try to soak shrines, which only makes him even more powerful. This isn’t something any other unit can do (Brunnya and Idunn ignore debuffs, which isn’t the same thing) :thinking:

Yay base kit! :feh_hridexcited:
His base kit is wonderful, but it is very easily countered by Panic.
Then again, I can always just run the normal Brave Ike team if Panic is a problem. That team doesn’t use visible buffs.

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I did this with my own defense

Finn’s Panic Smoke? Ike doesn’t give a crap. Lysithea and Ophelia who? Sothis, Yune, and Azura were jokes

For the first time ever, I called that defense an ez clap

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Yikes. :feh_lucishock:
I’ve seen how powerful your defense is. If Ike can just plonk there and shred everything, that’s definitely saying something about how strong he can be.
I’m definitely glad I nabbed at least one copy of him for the future. How much would he want a merge into neutral (more Spd & HP) or +Res (AoE tanking? But I already have Caineghis so neutral is probably better)

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Yep! I just realized my answer was incomplete, oops. :feh_legion: Hang on.

I’m running him in both seasons, switching blessings as I go, since I don’t have another reliable ranged tank. :catcry: He works well on both, though.

And my build is pretty much base kit + Reposition and Quick Riposte seal. I’d love to get him Mirror Stance 3 one day for the Guard effect and less reliance on visible buffs, but as I said before, he works well enough without it, too!

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Definitely neutral. +2 HP, +2 spd, and +1 atk is worth more than +1 HP, +1 spd, and +3 def. Especially since visible defense stats mean less when he’s running Repel


This is mainly what you want from that first merge tbh


Swapping blessings isn’t too bad because AR grants you a blessing every week just from playing. Although if you bless bonus units regularly, it might become a problem. Still, it’s perfectly fine for just staying :thinking:
Sounds like Lyon is ready to go right from the box. That is to be expected from these new shiny units, but it’s what I really like about them. Makes it much cheaper to use them instead of a 3-4* you have to find expensive fodder for.
Both of these units seem very good, I’m actually considering dumping the rest of my 20 orbs on the banner in order to try to finish the pity rate. But I know that’s statistically definitely not worth it :catroll:

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actually, i’d probably say that if you don’t have a particular need for a ranged check, ike is the better pick. red is just a really good color for tanks currently. oddly, there has been a dearth of new blue threats on defense as of late - we’d have to go back to like, ophelia. zero blue mythics on defense, let alone a good one. and i’ve seen duo fonse on defense maybe once ever. i don’t imagine this will last, but for now…


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