Fallen Lyon special/seal advice

So I’m thinking about what to do with my Lyon. I checked how will he look like when levelled up and…

On top of Atk and Spd, HP is also a superflaw… oof (or maybe that’s just an error with the builder).
I want to keep his build like normal (Bonus Doubler, Null C-Disrupt, Rouse Atk/Res), but I’m thinking about the Special (because he’s not as healthy and might not take as much hits) and the seal. For his Special the options are:

  • Keep Sol, the damage reduction will be enough to keep him alive for long enough.
  • Give him Dragon Fang so he can utilize the massive attack stat he has.
  • Give him Draconic Aura so it activates a bit quicker.
  • 5-star a Chrom and give him Aether so he can both damage the enemy and heal (preferred with the QR seal)

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And for the seal…

  • Quick Riposte, so he can counter ranged units more easily.
  • Heavy Blade, so he can activate costly Specials faster.
  • Fierce/Steady/Sturdy Stance, so he gains additional attack/defense when countering to compensate for his increased Resistance.
  • Distant Def, so he’ll get additional bulk in both stats when fighting against the units he counters.

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I’d give him a healing special, Sol or Aether are both fine and if you chose Aether I’d use heavy blade as the seal. If you go with sol, something like Fierce stance would do well, I think.

I wouldn’t give him QR since many speedy units have some kind of counter to guaranteed follow-ups, be it an impact skill or NFU, which would make QR useless :feh_legion:


I’d go with [Sol] personally. Because if you’re running [Aether] you can’t just rely on B!Lucy, and that means you have to run [Heavy Blade] in seal, at which point I would rather run something else instead

[Quick Riposte] for seal, because he pretty much will not die to anything ranged, and you wouldn’t put him in melee unit’s range too often. Only problem is whether he can kill the soaked ranged unit. [Quick Riposte] doubles his damage output pretty much so he can kill on retaliation. Basically he’s already too tanky against ranged threats but he might not kill them


I’d keep Sol or go with Iceberg (deals slightly more damage than Draconic Aura) if you want more damage :feh_legion: