Fallen rhea vs rearmed grima (F)

Now, that fallen rhea is in the forging bond revival, i am on the fence on getting her as my near save for AR-O during astra season or wait for rearmed grima (F) to return? I do not mind waiting and switching to other strategies if possible. Also, i do not invest on dragons to utilise arcane grima so the weapon fodder is not very important to me.

  • Fallen rhea
  • Rearmed grima (F)

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Definitely Grima

  • Higher BST
  • Comes with Hardy Fighter (True Dragon Wall is fine but Hardy Fighter is superior)
  • Immune to armor effectiveness
  • Has high Spd and so isn’t screwed by fast NFU users (glares at B-Seliph)
  • Prf A ensures Breath support isn’t needed to keep Pavise online
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