Fan-made Buff Concepts: Volume 3

This is a thread where people can discuss various servants that are in need of a buff (or buffs). You can also propose buff ideas for each of those servants. Newcomers are welcome!

We have a Fandom blog containing the buffs that have been conceived by members of this thread. You can find that blog here . With any luck, your ideas could be featured there as well! :fgo_gongofculture:

This is the third thread in this series. You can find the previous threads here:
1st Thread
2nd Thread
3rd Thread


To kickstart this one, here’s a bad great idea!

Xiucoathl A —> EX
Increases own Critical Damage (30 ~ 50%) for 3 turns.
Deals heavy Damage to one enemy (800 ~ 1200%).
Inflicts NP Seal to one enemy for 1 turn
Increases own Buster Card efectiveness for 3 turns (10 ~ 30%) (Activates first)
Inflicts Burn to one enemy for 5 turns (1000 ~ 3000)


Here! :fgo_seicheese:

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Anyway, back where we left.

Kid Gilgamesh.

Oof, another already? I better catch up on the former one then.


Should the creator of each thread just roll the discobor die at post 2997, then @ the winner? Seems like a good way to kill threads :fgo_seibathink:


Jesus another one down?


I’ll post a summary here shortly. Going to compile all ongoing topics.

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We started talking about Gilgamesh.

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WHY!? Dear lord he’s one of the people we use for measuring acceptable upper limits…


Hey, we just gave him 50% self stargen up on Charisma, not busted damage increase or anything.

Even just 20% Buster up would rise his damage by about 8k against servants


Goddammit Meta and your hatred of vanilla charisma


Actually Meta wasn’t involved in this one. :fgo_gilgalaugh:


That’s what you think, but he’s inside your heads can’t you feel it? :fgo_insane:


Goddammit Meta and your hatred of vanilla charisma

I have no regrets, even if I wasn’t even involved in the Gil discussion :fgo_coffee: :fgo_gilgalaugh:

Death to vanilla Charisma at all costs!


Speaking of Vanilla Charisma, Kid Gil.

His kit lacks any cohesion whatsoever.

I made a suggestion for that at one point I think, but I’d have to find it again.

EDIT: Here it is:

Charisma A+ --> Childlike Wonder
Increase ATK for all allies (10.5-21%)(3 turns)
Decrease mental debuff resist for all enemies (10-20%)(3 turns)

My justification was that his kid self has a disarming kind of charisma so it would make his charm hit easier, but I could also see spin on Frigid charisma but for just 1 enemy.

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Then we must make it gain sense!

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Previous Thread In Progress Discussions Summary

Ready to Add


Mystic Eyes A++ -> EX
• Chance to inflict Stun on a single enemy (1 turn). [70-120%] {Strengthened}
• Decrease Buster Resist for a single enemy (1 turn). [20-30%] {Added}

Lakshmi Bai

Gwalior’s Resistance A -> A+
• Apply Guts to self (1 time, 5 turns). [2000-3000] {Strengthened}
• Increase Buff Success Rate for all allies (3 turns). [20-40%]
• Increase own NP Gauge. [10-20%] {Added}
• Decrease your Debuff Resist by 20% (3 turns). [Demerit]
CD: 9 -> 8

Nahi Doongi B -> B+
• Deals damage to all enemies. [800-1200%] {Strengthened}
• Remove all Offensive Buffs from enemies.
• Decrease Quick Resist for all enemies by 20% (3 turns). {Added}
• Overcharge: Decrease Critical Rate for all enemies (3 turns). [20-40%]

In Progress


We never settled on a specific effect, but we were discussing improving his Trap of Argalia.


This is where we are currently at. The Star Drop is the primarily liked option. The Crit Strength is a small addition proposed to make the buff a bit more full:

Charisma A+ -> Prideful Charisma A++
• Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns). [10.5-21%]
• Increase own Critical Star Drop Rate (3 turns). [30-50%] {Added}
• Increase own Critical Strength by 20% (3 turns). {Added}

Gilgamesh (Caster)

It isn’t finalized, but this is where we are currently at with this Charisma buff:

Charisma A+ -> Age of Man EX
• Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns). [10.5-21%]
• Increase NP Gain for all [Man] Attribute allies (3 turns). [20-30%] {Added}
• Apply Special ATK [Sky] Attribute to all [Man] Attribute allies (3 turns). [20-30%] {Added}

Gilgamesh (Child)

No concrete Charisma buff has been decided yet, but we discussed maybe continuing to further his debuff slant.

Jeanne d'Arc

This was where we had ended up with her S1. There was some discussion of her S3, but nothing solidified.

Revelation A -> ???
• Gains critical stars every turn for 3 turns. [5-15] {Strengthened}
• Increase party’s defense for 3 turns. [15-25%] {Added}
• Increases party’s healing received for 2 times, 3 turns. [50-100%] {Added}

Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

We hadn’t settled on a specific effect, but the votes determined that we would be buffing Self-Modification. Some suggestions were adding Stars per Turn or adding Star Drop Rate.


We decided to revisit her Monstrous Strength and Mystic Eyes. There was a buff suggested around giving her extra damage against Stunned/Petrified enemies in some way, that people seemed to like. For her Mystic Eyes, a vote determined that people preferred a longer duration debuff with a lower effect value, but we never picked a specific debuff.

Personal note: I think this could be a good case for a Crit Resist debuff, similar to what Carmilla (Rider) has. 3 turns at 30-50% perhaps?

Musashibou Benkei

In light of the new Fae Tristan’s AoE NP Seal + Skill Seal skill, we decided to revisit Benkei’s Blank Subscription List. We also took at look at his Vengeful Spirit Exorcism again as well. This is where we are at currently:

Vengeful Spirit Exorcism A -> A+
• Chance to inflict Skill Seal on a single enemy (1 turn). [50-100%]
• Decrease ATK for a single enemy (3 turns). [10-20%] {Added}
• Decrease NP Gauge for a single [Evil] enemy by 1. {Added}

Blank Subscription List -> Tales of Valor and Devotion A
• Inflict NP Seal on all enemies (1 turn). {Strengthened}
• Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns). [10-20%] {Added}
• Further increase own ATK when an [Ushiwakamaru] ally is present (3 turns). [20-30%] {Added}
• Increase DEF for an [Ushiwakamaru] ally (3 turns). [20-30%] {Added}
CD: 10 -> 8

Dropped/On Hold

Arthur Pendragon (Prototype)

The vote between whether to buff his NP or S3 ended in a tie. The topic ended up being dropped after that point.

Eric Bloodaxe

We still have yet to decide on a Battle Continuation buff. Several ideas were suggested, but we ultimately dropped the topic due to not being able to decide on any options/no options being suggested that people particularly liked.

Personal note: I’m inclined to just let DW handle this one.

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I’m assuming this was from before his Charm buff. I don’t think he really needs this anymore since his Charm already has a 100% success rate at max level now.