Fan-made Servant Buff Concepts

This is a thread where people can discuss various servants that are in need of a buff (or buffs). You can also propose buff ideas for each of those servants.

This is the second thread in this series. You can find the previous thread here.

We also have a Fandom blog containing the buffs that have been conceived by members of this thread. You can find that blog here.







Hi! wipes blood off

I put old yeller down


This is the second thread in this series.

I mean, technically the third thread that was dedicated to this topic for a lengthy amount of time, would be hard to trace it further back, but here’s the first I remember that really went through a lot of servants (I kinda hijacked the thread partway through to address different skill types):

But I don’t think you joined in on that one, so that’s probably why.
It’s shorter, 340 post long.


Can’t we just necropost and use that one?

If we hadn’t already made this one I would agree, but I don’t really see any reason to do so at this point.


Fair enough

Well, this one already exists, I’m not sure whether the owner of that thread would be fine with that, and using necromancy isn’t looked upon very nicely here apparently.


Agreed. The title is a little more straight forward here too.


So someone floated an idea to individually discuss all the different Servant buffs that’ve been suggested and try to nail down a single idea to represent the collective opinion. Do we still want to do that or back to business as usual?


Continuing on the Summer Martha topic from the previous thread…

I’d like to see a servant that could grant Waterside field status to allies since there are multiple servants that utilize that field type. To my knowledge only Melt (Lancer) can grant it, and only to herself.

Offhand, it seems like it might be appropriate for Jeanne (Archer) on either her 1st or 3rd skill.

Could maybe go on Summer Martha’s 2nd skill too, if you kinda retooled that as an “everybody is working on their beach body” kind of skill.

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I was the one that proposed that, so I’m definitely still down.

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Maybe when they add Noah (or his Babylonian counterpart) as Grand Rider we’ll get someone that turns the field into a waterside… or just into water entirely.

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No! I’m feeling myself being pull to my Servant Design work-up sheet, I just got all those ideas out of my head I don’t want more!

Dammit, too late. Too many fun ideas now.

I could see this working. It would require either waiting or wasting the heal turn 1 so it would kind of self-balance.

How have there not been any CEs that can change the battlefield type. It would make skills with battlefield requirements more accessible and would also allow the game to experiment more with those types of skills.


That would be a pretty cool idea to be honest

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In other words, a Nemo buff :P
Considering how much of his kit is locked behind that requirement, it might be one of his best ces

And on the topic of Summer Martha, this are my ideas of some mounths ago.
Saint of Shobe B++
Increase NP gauch 20-30%
Increase ATK stat by 20% for 3 turns
Increase ATK stat further on [near water] fields by (20-30%) for 3 turns

Jacob’s Limp B++
Increase damage against [Undead, Divine and Demon] by (50-100%) for 3 turns
Increase Buster effectiveness by (20-30%) for 3 turns

Actually now that I think about it, it might cause issues when fighting enemies who can change the battlefield type. Off the top of my head the only enemies who’ve done that is that one Jaguar CQ during Gilfest but it’s still something to think about. Would the enemy take priority if they change the battlefield making the CE worthless or would there be some sort of dual battlefield type which still has issues?