Fan-made Servant Buff Concepts

Don’t forget that his NP gives a 30% ATK buff for 1 turn even at OC1. We could potentially be hitting some crazy numbers.

Also Bloodaxe is actually solid, he’s mostly just glossed over due to not having a battery.

I already checked the crazy numbers.
at best he isn’t even going to hit NP5 SSRs-
oh wait that isn’t that high of a bar.
yeah just do 50% then

Okay, so we have that as one option for his S3. I know it doesn’t necessarily fit his lore as Meta mentioned, but I do like that option. Was there another option we needed to consider?

What option(s) are we looking at for his Battle Continuation?

Added servant links to the Recent Changes in my personal blog btw. I’ll add them to the group blog tomorrow.

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For the Guts:

  • one is debuff bomb,where when Bloodaxe gets Gutted will give a ton of debuffs to the killer,sort of like 500 year obsesion
  • the other is DEF and Invul stuff that I came up with,while his Guts is on he has high DEF,when Guts triggers he gains a hit of Invul.

For Half Dead Bloodaxe:

  • I was suggesting he gains ATK on…well attacking. 10% each hit,for 3 turns,…for 3 turns.
    so potentially with enough soloing/BBing you could have upto 100% ATK Up from S3. Also wanted Max HP Up on attack too

also yeah I was kinda delusional and Bloodaxe’s DMG became the highest when comparing to NP1 SSRs

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Honestly those are all good options, so it’s hard to pick. I’m about to head to bed since it’s nearly 2:30 AM here, but I think next steps will be to draft up some specific effects/values for each (I know that’s mostly done) then put up 2 polls (1 for each skill) so that we can see which ones everyone is feeling more. I’m happy to include both versions as alternatives if things are pretty close.

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We’re getting a week of Strengthening Quests



huh Vlad got two RUQ in basically a year

speculation time

4* Saber: Lan Ling/Diarmuid/Rama/Lancelot/Yagyu/Medb/Suzuka/Liz Brave/Karna Xmas/Tomoe Summer/Saito/Tsuna/Lakshmibai/Hokusai Summer/D’eon/Siegfried/Artoria Alter/Nero/Artoria Lily/Gawain/Fran Summer.

1* Assassin: Kojirou/Mata Hari/Charlotte

5* Rider: Achilles/Ivan/Ozymandias/Artoria Alter Summer/Odysseus/Nemo/Europa/Sima Yi/Lolivinci/Quetzacoalt/Medb/Iskandar/Drake

4* Assassin: Ushi Summer/Scathach Summer/Wu/ Chiyome/Yu Mei-ren/Gray/Kichi Hogen/Okita Summer/Carmilla/Stheno/Shiki/Nitocris Summer/Yan Qing/Danzo/Emiya

5* Archer: Napoleon/Jeanne Summer/Sei/Super Orion/Orion/Tesla/Arjuna/Gilgamesh/Artoria Summer/James Moriarty/Ishtar

4* Lancer: Nezha/Qin Liangyu/Banana Summer/Valkyrie/Raikou Summer/Parvati/Kiyohime Summer/Medusa Lily/Erice Utsumi/Yu Mei-ren Summer/Caenis/Nagao Kagetora/Melt Summer/Elizabeth/Artoria Alter/Vlad III/Jeanne Alter Xmas/Li Shuwen/Fionn mac Cumhaill.

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Holy ■■■■■■■ shit lol, this was Vlad’s placement before his buff

then after


oh and by the way Vlad’s NP is buffed twice now.
Anything is possible


The is no limits anymore

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Vlad is asserting his dominance


Chen Gong doesn’t need a buff so you can cut him from the list, i would appreciate a NP buff with 20 star bomb but that is my bias talking.

yeah I’m just listing if people would want to suggest anything :v
also judging on your pfp you gonna really want Onee Chan to get the buff huh

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Yeah, I do, but my i set my expectations low after Babylonia only gave Ishtar something and no one else


Imagine making jokes about vlad being dead since gala has a better kit, then 3 weeks later, vlad comes back and pushes her out of the top spot again lmao


yeah his placement was crazy
but this creates a precedent that all gimped NPs will eventually be fixed

Roach that NP Strength Buff for Medea still going strong?


If double NP buffs are a thing now, I’d like to see Shakespeare’s NP buffed again. He is a support caster with 3 arts deck. Instead of increasing damage, more effects should be added to make it something like Casgil’s NP, a damage NP which is mostly used for the extra effects it comes attached with.

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dunno yet,Vlad’s NP buff is only a hot fix to its gimped damage,unsure if it would mean other normal servants get NP Rebuffs

That’s a fundemental change to the game. Vlad does not set a precedent for that. That shakes buff would be the equivalent of turning vlad AOE.

Uh no? I said I wanted added effects not to remove the damage and only keep the effects?