Fanart credit policy, FAQ, how-to and discussion

Hello all and welcome to the fanart credit superpost!

Many of you may have noticed recently in the fanart threads, mods have been pushing a ‘credit or delete’ policy.
I’ve created this thread to clear some things up and facilitate discussion to clear up any questions or concerns people may have.

The entire point is to provide credit to artists, and linking repost sites is redundant.

・So why are we doing this? :thinking:
In short:

  • Respect for artists
  • Preventing art theft
  • To avoid getting DMCA’d
  • We’re actually a pretty big site, believe it or not.
Further info and some stats

We have had an increasing number of artists contact the team regarding unauthorised reposts of their artwork.
Some artists are okay with this, some are okay with reposts as long as they are credited, and others don’t want reposts at all. People are different and have different preferences, and we want to respect that.
And please note, this thread post is not to debate on an artist’s wishes. There’s a lot of reasons why someone would not wish for their art to be reposted and we just want to respect that.

Reposts without artist permission also leads to loss of control by the artist. Rampant reposts of popular art also leads to bot indexing of these images and designs being stolen, and sold without permission on sites like Amazon and RedBubble.

In addition, legally, we could get DMCA’d. It’s becoming increasingly more accessible for smaller artists to do this. Sites such as DeviantArt also have inbuilt systems to detect reposts, alerting artists and assisting with removal.

This forum has over 23,000 user accounts, and racked up ~2.7 million page views in the last 30 days. That’s about 90,000 page views per day. This is significantly more than my Google Guides account, which I thought was impressive having gotten over 4 million views on one of my edits over 5 years. We really are are out here.

・Will my old posts be deleted?
I personally feel it’s not really fair on anyone to go back through old posts in dead threads and delete old artwork. This is more a ‘going forward’ policy. The exception of this is in the active art threads, which are naturally places people seek out for art. @Flower_Hermit has taken it upon themselves to go back and try to source as many of these as possible. Flower is a good person, but Flower is also not OK.

・What about profile pics?
We’d encourage credit in your profile, but realise many people change these constantly and in many instances are cropped and edited, which can make sourcing a lot harder.
There are also currently 23,473 users on this god forsaken forum, and 13 mods, so no way in hell are we gonna be able to check that shit, so short answer, fuck no, long answer, absolutely fucking not. Your pfps are safe.
HOWEVER if an artist were to reach out to you about it, which I am aware of happening here before, we are going to throw you under the bus and make you change it. I can give you something nice :slightly_smiling_face:

・What about the emojis?
These are currently under review in general, as we have 831 currently with a lot of these unused and redundant.
Many of these are fanart, and once they’ve all been checked, any that are fanart will have to be sourced and credited to stay in the list. I personally want to be more strict on emojis as it extends beyond a single user issue and becomes a brand thing, which, imo, can do a lot more damage.

・What about official art?
u gucci. artists got paid. nintendo might get mad though.
Personally, I’d also say that art by official artists but not necessity ‘official’ (eg. Wada Arco and Pako’s FGO doujin) count here too.

・I have some art I commissioned, can I share that?
Absolutely, nothing but respect for those who support artists.
Dropping a link to the artist’s social is appreciated nonetheless.

・What about memes?
Is it something someone drew? imo. If it doesn’t have a know your meme page, source it.

・But I’m too lazy?? :cry:
i WILL make fun of you on the internet and i WILL slowly deepfry your profile picture over time until it’s an unrecognisable abomination of artefacts and spaghetti

The mod team is, fortunately and unfortunately, not omnipresent and omnipotent, and we appreciate any and all constructive feedback in regards to this new policy. I understand people have their reservations about this, and the whole point of this thread is to try and make things as transparent as possible.

・So, I got this bangin’ pic of my waifu I wanna post, how do I source art, anyway?
It actually isn’t that hard, thankfully! There’s an extension for browsers that’s super useful for finding art sources.
It’s available here for Chromium based browsers and here for Firefox.

As this is a weeb forum, and we’re expecting a lot of anime-type stuff, I’d recommend using SauceNao, but different search options work better for different things. I’ve personally found different ones work better based on the age of the image, too.

From personal experience:
SauceNao: Perfect for finding stuff on Pixiv, largely used by Japanese artists.
Reddit & Twitter: Reverse Google search with ‘Reddit’ or ‘Twitter’ / ‘Twiman’ (explained below under the twitter header) as a keyword along with the image.

So, let’s go through some examples:



Here’s a nice Gil I had saved to my PC. He got fat tits so naturally I want more Content™
After installing the above extension uploading the picture in the text post editor, I can right click it in the preview window, however over the Image Search extension and select ‘SauceNao’ (2 clicks):

This then opens a new tab:

And we have a match!

I can now click the Pixiv ID to source the image, and also see additional Gil booba. I am very happy, and all for a total of 3 clicks!

Babylonia, gilgamesh, Fou (Fate) / FGO LOG1 - pixiv

GP will autogenerate formatted links to some websites (like Twitter and Reddit) like above just by pasting the link, however if you’d prefer a more subtle hyperlink, you can also use the hyperlink function:

and get something like this.
All for less effort than replying to this thread!


Twitter usually requires slightly more digging, but I have a few methods I find work pretty consistently.

We’ll use this pic as an example:

I already know I’ve saved this from Twitter, so I’m going to look specifically for Twitter aligned results.

I right click and use reverse image search. Additionally, I put ‘Twiman’ in the search:

Twiman is a Japanese Twitter illustration archive I find quite useful for sourcing artworks.

I scroll a bit and find the site:


Clicking the link takes me to a higher res version of the image:

And we can click the twitter icon in the top right to be taken to the original tweet.

This can then be sourced, or just drop the link in GP, and it will format a little preview image like the below. It doesn’t work under cuts, but live examples can be seen in this post.

・I’ve found the source, but it’s a bit spicy :fgo_horny:
For things like Pixiv, if the direct source page has explicit content, it will be labelled as such and only visible to logged in users, who’d then have to click on it. In such a case, linking directly to the profile is better.

In the case of Twitter, I’d probably recommend the opposite, link directly to the tweet with the safe image rather than the artist profile to save people clicking the source and seeing inappropriate content on the artist’s profile.

・I’ve tried my best, but I just cannot find the source. But I really like this piece.
Hey, it happens, profiles and art gets deleted, websites go down, and so on, things get lost to time. If you’ve legitimately tried and aren’t finding anything, just say so. Maybe someone else can assist. I personally cannot fault someone for making an attempt. That being said, don’t use this as an excuse not to source stuff, because we’ll know, we’re not that dumb.

Anyway, that’s it for my spiel, if anyone has any questions on things not covered here please feel free to direct stuff to this thread.


*Content subject to change based on discussion, I just wanna get something out to clear things up a bit.
I am going to sleep now


Holy crap, and here I thought this was still a fairly small site


There could be thousands of people watching me type right now


Thanks smooth


Tbf I think like, 13,000 are TL0 lurker/abandoned accounts with no posts, but they go get deleted over time. But yeah. Pretty big numbers, surprisingly.


I’m more thinking about the 90,000 daily visits, that’s utterly insane to me with how small the site oftentimes feels


It’s page views, so the actual number of people is a lot lower. Every time you click to a different thread that’s another pageview, but still, yeah, that’s a lot of people.


That’s still several thousand people daily at least. It’s kinda surreal how many that is imo


So, paychecks when? :fgo_shebasmile:


Google sent me the Google maps socks, at least
GP, where’s my socks


When whoever the heck actually controls/owns this place gets their act together I presume

It’s for this reason that I avoid at all costs using fanart as profile pics. An official source is a lot safer in that regard.

Interesting point.

I used to tag the artists’ pixiv account because I assumed people would be too lazy to make an account just to view that art. I often use it as source when the twitter page has several nsfw pictures, while pixiv has this detail you mentioned.

Lastly, what about the artists that have no reposting info on their profiles? Some say do not repost, some say reposting is ok with credits, but for those who haven’t said anything, is it be okay to share their art?


Yeah, this is just my reasoning on it, I know different people have slightly different ways of dealing with this, but overall I think as long as you’re not directly linking to NSFW content should be fine.

I think it should be fine, but as above please credit it anyway, my rule of thumb is if a profile doesn’t say ‘no reposts,’ it should be fine with credit.
But as above, if the artist were to come forward about it and request it be taken down, we would comply with them and just let you know privately.


speaking as someone that reported about unsourced art a long time ago and then gave up due to no real action taken, this is horrifically late an update, but still, thank you




Regarding Artists who don’t want their art reposted, could we just give a link to the artists instead of posting the art here?

Side note: I have nothing but respect for you plus the other mods doing this. Many community boards would just start purging threads and posts left and right. I’m glad it hasn’t come to that.

Also shout out to @Flower_Hermit for going back and sourcing the artwork in the art threads. This person is truly incredible for doing that. I’d buy them a sweet if I get the chance.

About Emotes

Is there any thread or document with sources to the artwork of these emotes?[ I like a lot of the emotes (mostly the FGO emotes).]

If there is, would someone kindly share it with me. If there’s nothing like that, it’s fine, I’ll try finding them when I get the chance.


I still think GP is fairly small. But those numbers speak otherwise. Absolutely insane. I havent posted any fan art in awhile, and even my current profile pic is something I personally commissioned.

But going forward the threads are really going to change. Shout out to all the awesome mods letting us all stay in the know.


Absolutely fine and encouraged!
The image is still hosted on platforms within the artists control,and I don’t personally see how anyone would mind people sharing links to their art.

This is something I’m working on atm, end goal is to have a public masterpost of the emojis with sorces for them.

My plan is:
Go through and remove unused/underused/redundant/bad res emojis to cull the numbers
I have a spread sheet I’m working on which is like, last used, frequency of use, is it fanart, keep y/n?

Once we’ve cut out things, I’ll share a list and basically try and get people to help with finding sources. I’ve had a few people come forward and message me with sources for things they’ve submitted, and they are champions who I love and adore.

I will be needing community help with this though as I’m not familiar with all the games we cover and recognising official v fanart, as well as emojis being cropped and edited and small makes the whole process a lot more difficult.

It just takes a while cos there’s a lot and I gotta be in the mood for it lol, but there is something in place, and end goal is a master post.