Fancy smoke fodder for old favourites

So id be willing to spark summon for the new smoke fodder since it seems pretty fancy/cool for defensive playstyles,
and i generaly like giving my fav units more toys to play with. Usually my teams have either Elimine or Flayn with them for added defense.
Here are my main Units (hence the summoner support) with their most premium fodder equipped (and yes my IV choices are questionable ;D)

Who would benefit the most from which smoke skill or do they not have need of them at all?


As the unit needs to participate in one combat before the Smoke takes effect, they are best utilized on units that initiate first and/or intend to take multiple enemies on in one turn. As such, they are most valuable on maps with a lot of enemies, especially Abyssals

At a glance I think Zeke and Duo Dagr are the strongest choices of these units. Zeke’s play style naturally leans towards tanking and being able to block follow ups with Atk Smoke 4 while making forced follow ups of his own is very powerful. Also you are running a Stance over a Catch, so the Menace is a lot less useful for Zeke.

Duo Dagr is one of the better choices for Spd Smoke 4 being a rare flier with NFU and having pretty solid bulk, especially with the build you’re running.

The others I think are mostly fine as is. Myrrh already blocks follow ups with her Prf and has respectable but not super high Spd so she doesn’t gain much from Dodge or additional follow up blocking. Altina does gain a fair bit from Atk Smoke 4 but she also has her button to give her Vantage; no point in blocking follow ups if she kills her foe before they can hit her. And Nótt really likes the visible buffs she gains from her Menace for her Bonus Doubler Prf; Atk Smoke 4 can be interesting for her though after one combat



Smoke 4s grant a 13 point swing, so with NottDagr’s Prf she’s getting effective +23 Spd minimum. Add Spd unity and that’s +34 minimum, whether she’s panicked or not so I’d say that’s a healthy amount for the DR.


Ty for that torough reply. Out of all those units dual Dagr is actually the one that struggels most with survivability on Abyssal content so that dodge might really help. Though i really enjoy the ease of use of rein skills i have to admit.

What about stacking DR on Nótt? With Vital Astra Prepped her B-slot and C- slot i could get up to 74%ish reduction if Flayn or Elimine are nearby even 83% if she has the speed to back it up, and though that will certanly change in the future, right now there are not too many units that can punch straight through dodge effects.

Aside from what has already been said about Dagr, here’s another reason to go with her:
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She best girl Man I need more merges on mine


On a practical level stacking that much DR is only useful for eating up precharged specials from Abyssal bosses. It’s a fun meme but realistically you will probably not need it, and Lethality/Deadeye pieces it all anyway

I dunno if you use Nótt in Arena but Duo Chrom is fucking everywhere and a complete menace with how easily he charges Deadeye



yeah wish i even had her base copy but thx legendary rng i guess


I have her base version at +10 but NY is only +2. Hopefully I’ll be able to get more when she’s on a DSH, and then her rerun next year.


I was so glad that Nòtt appeard on a regular Banner.
Do you run Dagrs base version purely offensive, or do you have a DC setup? and if yes do you keep her B slot on her DC setup?

Well thx for the advice i lucked out and aquired a “free” F!Lilith, and am now sitting on my spark deciding between another one and Gustav.

DC with a breath seal.

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