Far fetched 3 predictions

So with what I believe is to be Far-Fetched banner 3 coming up soon, I’m curious
Who do you:
1: Believe is going to be in far-fetched banner 3
2: Want in Far-Fetched 3?
3: Oswin for Far-Fatched 3?


Jill, that’s the one that will matter to me. If she ain’t there the only thing useful would be possible fodder.


Audino. :tooobin:

Though I heard Nils might be in it so that’d be great

  1. I’ve heard a lot of people say OG Louise, and some Líf, too (although he maybe a Mythic Hero, so the possibility seems slim)

  2. Honestly I don’t mind who makes it in or not.

  3. That would be amazing. I hope he can join FEH soon, and when he does I fully expect you to make a topic about it.


Jill and Anna, I only use Sacred Stone and Tellius units so my choice is limited ( the only exceptions are Anna and Cynthia )
wouldn’t mind Conrad too.


I’m assuming they’ll be characters who don’t have any version in yet so my guess is:
Jill (it is a sin and sacrilege that one of FE’s best characters is not in yet)
Lilith (no idea what they heck they’d even do with her)
Nils (don’t care, but more male refreshers are welcome)
And GHB Conrad


Nils, Conrad, and Anna have left the chat


I forgot about Lilith for a second
Curious if they would add her or not (considering she doesn’t have much of a fan base/personality)


She got 77th in CYL3 and she’s behind Jill as the most popular female that has zero versions of themselves in the game atm. I don’t really get it either, but she’s a good fish girl so it’s wutev

Edit: I can’t count. Rinkah is 12 spaces ahead of Lilith. Even better!

Flayn left the chat :flaynfish:


I just want Rinkah. That’s all I’m asking (preferably as a GHB so I can use my 3700 grails on something)


As long as we get him I’m happy :birbpeek:


I’ve actually been keeping track of this for the longest time. Taking notes of the patterns of the previous farfetched banners and how things work.

There hasn’t been much of a change in who is qualified to Farfetched 3 for quite a while. However, I believe it is safe to say Líf is 100% out of the running thanks to Thrasir’s status as a Mythic. Líf will most likely be a Mythic as well and I feel the Farfetched 3 banner will be released shortly after he is released.

Now for the rest of the running. Each Farfetched has had the top 2 characters of each gender ranked in CYL 3 that are currently not in Feh. Again, the ranking haven’t for a while, so the results should be as follows unless any of them appear in New Hero banners before Farfetched 3 arrives.

  • Awakening Anna
  • Bruno
  • OG Louise
  • Conrad (Free, he is the lowest ranked of these 4.)

I would count in the possibility of Bruno being the Fjorm/Eir of Book 4 given how IS has hinted what Book 4 could be about in this year’s Spring TT, (I even perfer for that to be the case.) however, I’m not entirely sure how likely that is. I don’t expect it tbh.

So… yeah. Unless those units become playable before Farfetched 3, we should be getting those units in the banner. If anything changes, I’ll make an update on it.



I don’t need any of them

What about the green hair thing on the achievements tho?

Um… what green hair thing?

Isn’t the current one blue?

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Louise already got a Bride Alt, She better not freaking take a spot from Jill!


I don’t care since, if I recall, none of the units I want are even close to being selected for Farfetched Heroes.

Ross and Cormag for guys, and Miriel as one of the females.

Don’t care.

She’s a girl. She has a good chance (though teeeechnically one spot below Anna, but I don’t know if they’d give jester Anna her own proper version)

Oh wells


My bad
But doesn’t Nils have blue/green hair, and considering how he is high on rankings, has a good chance of being on the banner?