Farewell to Kamakura - Little Big Tengu, Mission Genji : Search & Destroy Discussion thread

Well… maybe that’s the point. :fgo_bblaugh:


Summer 3: medb’s beauty pageant.

There’s going to be 3 winners! Come participate with me!

Oh, oops, didn’t I mention that I get to enter 3 times? As if I would ever share the crown.

Gee, I wonder why she would be so unpopular?


There are lots of asshole characters that I like. And Medb is one of them. But the “love to hate” kind, and she’s not the only one. Like I think Caenis is cool but i have to mentally separate the one we summon from the one in the story cause the one in the story made a serious threat to rape someone and that’s a big NO from me.

I find villians that know they’re evil and don’t care, but are hammy nonetheless the most entertaining.


I’m going to move on from the above topic by talking about how I like mission-based events! :fgo_astolfo:

Something about the completion animation and sound effect makes my brain happy. That’s quite a feat considering the demons I fight off daily. :fgo_gudako:


Loving Kichii Hogen, I like the color distributions! Please be good…

On this note, I really hate how they give us the welfare and yet you need a lot of time to even ascend them to really use them… something they didn’t do from the last events I remember but now happens again, and it gives that “first years” vibe…

At least contrary to some you have other people around you who’s kicking the enemies’ asses… or so I thought… by the way where the hell is Shishou after the “malleting”…

Also on this node, Iskandar, Shishou, Jerker and Gorgon wtih event bonuses? :fgo_kamalewd: love using them.


I’m having a fun time going through the event bonus servants and matching them with their “older” versions, I hope they all get use in the story and aren’t just there because that’s the event gimmick.

“I must leave now because of reasons”


Somehow I missed that…

I want a buff to her Evade skill after this, Cú’s is better than hers and he got boped while she didn’t… maybe she pre-emptively used it and Cú used Guts instead but…

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She is extremely easy to ascend. Mine is max ascended already and I didn’t even use a single apple.


I’m 2 items away to fully ascend her… pretty sure I didn’t overflow AP either…




I’m with him on the fact that you can’t have the welfare max ascended from the outset. Still easy yes, mine got to 80 today. But I would love it a lot more if I could get it day one due to my impatience.


No plot armor in the world could stop Shishou from ending the event early, gotta get her outta the way.


Pretty sure it was just an excuse to fuck with Fergus on the library for the whole event while everyone is away.


I don’t think you should get to max ascend them out of the gate, but it shouldn’t be any later than day 3. I think day 2 on natural AP isn’t a big ask from the players.


Like I said, I’m impatient. Also I like to try and field the team that the story says is actually there. So for me personally it sucks when one of those units brings little to table for no other reason than a timegate.

I’m not saying that I don’t understand why they don’t just join max ascended, but I am saying I don’t care and want it now.

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I am being very entertained by our adorable little tag alongs. They’re so cute that I would buy actual plushies of them.

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Just noticed how can I keep all my buffs on my main Arts looper for W4: just use Paracelsus NP on W1 :man_facepalming:t3:

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“I don’t care and want it now!” makes me think of this:

(Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory - I Want It Now Scene (8/10) | Movieclips - YouTube)

I’m old. F. :fgo_davincishook:


She left to give the mentor spotlight to Hogen

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