Farm Skadi mats or grind daily quest?

So I’m not 100% prepared for Skadi. Yet, somehow I raised her into 8/4/10.
Do I need to farm her mats so I can raise her to 10/10/10 (I probably dont want to use apple though)? Or just farm daily quest since we have time limited 1/2 ap?
Right now, I don’t have any servant I want to raise anymore. Also my qp is around 600m. But again, I think it is a waste to let the 1/2 ap since it’s not everyday we can have this campaign.

I would recommend farming qp if you need it then xp then materials. Personally i need 40+void dust for skadi but currently farming qp since void dust can be farmed anytime while 20ap on dailies is great value


If you have no EXP anymore I’d suggest breaking those arms. Even if you don’t have a Servant right now, it’s always good to be prepared for future summons.

As for Skadi… You should be alright for the time being I’d say. The next event where the DSS is really important is GilFest. So from now until then, there should be like 1-2 dead weeks where you can farm Skadi mats as well.


I suggest daily since it’s half ap. Next week probably Summer 2 rerun for weeks and hopefully they gave a dead week before summer 3


About ember, I think I have around 1k ember stock. Based on my servant planner, I need total 3k, but those include future servant.

After some thought, I think I don’t need raise anyone for now (since Gilfest is a thing)… except Ruler Martha since she is Summer servant, but idk do I need her at all for this year summer event? What do you think @Ruler_Martha_saved_m

If you have 600m QP and 1000 embers, then hell no. Go and farm the class dailies or Götterämmerung.

Don’t worry about the second skill. You can get those mats over time.

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I am doing Ember; currently have 93 Berserker Ember for Summer 3 :fgo_jeannu:
We have 20 Steels there and 20 Ice in upcoming Summer rerun.

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If you need embers for other servants, do it while the 1/2 ap campaign is still on. The free quest will always be there. Besides it is not like 8/4/10 is not enough for the most part

Skadi consumes quite a high amount of mats so after I lvl 10 her 3rd skill with the help of some apples, I decided to let her be at 8/8/10 for now. Gonna grind hard with the half AP daily quests since there’s always the need to level up servants and ascend them before the rank up SQ giveaways.