Farming bond/qp during ccc?

hello, I cleared the ccc shop completely and wondering if any of the nodes are better for bond farming then regular quests or is it efficent to farm qp by exchanging sakura chips with +16 drop bonus?

Even if some nodes do give better bond points it would be better to farm lostbelt quests do to lower ap costs

Fyi, none of the nodes are giving better bond/AP than free quests
Best nodes are like 915 bond/40 AP which is equal to 23 b/AP. Meanwhile in free quests available between Camelot/Babylonia/all EoRs/all LBs there’s bunch of FQs that are 815 bond/21 AP, which is equal to 39 b/AP. Moreover, these 39 b/AP FQs are usually best farming spots for mats (or one of them if they’re featuring multiple ones) that they drop
Farming bond in SE.RA.PH. would be reasonable if there was any event bonus but there is none

About QP - to achieve efficiency similar to doors (1.3m QP per 40 AP) you’d have to run Rejection Calf, Underarm Ray or Cruel Thenar with max possible bonus. By max possible bonus I mean not just Sakura Chips, but also spawn CEs. So mixing two MLB 5star/4star gacha CEs with two MLB 3star ones.
If you didn’t roll this banner hard enough, then as far as you can go is Weakness Ear with 1.15m QP/40 AP. It’s worse than doors but considering that with +100% spawn bonus you’re also getting nice droprate on Crystals/Feathers, I’d go for that

I hope that helps and I didn’t f*ck up math

Edit: considering what Kamikaze said - I did my calcs considering OP’s bonus (16 Sakura Chips), if someone is running lower than that efficiency might drop to level where even forementioned nodes aren’t worth it.
Use calculator for reference - Sakura Chip/QP exchange rate is 4 chips/10 000 QP


You need to get a minimum of 400 Sakura per run to even get close to being equal to door farming. To get better you would need at least 600. Your average drop is going to be 4+16 in your case which means you would need 30 sakura drops on AVERAGE. Hopefully that helps.

It only took a couple runs at 100% to realize that slogging through 17 enemies even if it isn’t hard, is no fun. I’m only doing 50% so I can use AoE NPs to get them done in like 5 or 6 turns, no matter what bonus I’m leaving on the table. Farming doors for QP is far more brainless :slight_smile:

Giving up on 50% spawn is equal to losing half of the drops, both in Sakura Chips as well as Crystals/Feathers. But do as you please.
And if you’re aiming to get QP in more sane way, then Barbatos raid or Summer 4.