Farming comp advice

I need some advice for good farming team comps. The latest banner was pretty generous since I got some decent farming units (spooks) and I wanna try to use them.

Current servant line-up:

Note: All 1-3* non-story locked servants are NP5

Arash, Spartacus, Bunyun is a F2P, Omni-farming team. Udon-Loli may need a grail or two, and you will obviously need some combination of starting charge CEs and team charge supports, but you should be able to blow up hands, doors, and most mid-level farming nodes without much trouble.

Of course, replace any of them with SRs or SSRs of your choice where applicable.

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Udon-loli? At the moment I only have 3 Imaginary Element and some 50% charge CE. As for the SRs, which Caster offers more utility for farming? Circe, Nitocris and Helena have np charge skills so which one should I prioritize first? I want to prepare for the lottery farming.

I also already maxed out Skadi’s NP charge skill

Do you have a kscope or two? Helena makes farming a breeze with the 20% battery and tricolor buff. She even has good neutral damage and can clear a wave herself. If you don’t have kscope, then pair her with servants that have their own small batteries to top off from various 50-60% starting gauge CE’s.

Paracelsus with his 80% battery can clear 2 waves himself (assassin / zerker /really weak neutral) and just got a buff to enable arts looping with the likes of sieg.

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Bunyan is a little girl who was molded from udon dough, so… Udon-loli.

Nito is queen of Farming, able to self charge to 100% NP and instant-kill up to all silver MOBs if you can max her overcharge (NP2 and DB helps her hit 100% ID against MOB in, for example, Barrel Tower). Or she can start with KScope and clear two waves herself. Finally, she can use a BG and nuke a higher-HP second or third wave, if necessary.

Helena’s big benefit is her ability to donate 20% charge, while still having the option to clear a wave with her own NP (if required CEs are available). Even if she can’t use her own NP, she allows 30% chargers, like Sparty and Arash, to reach 100% with just a 50% CE, available from events or FP summons.

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Only have Imaginary Element right now. Using Paracelcus sounds like a great idea too. Thanks

Paracelsus is my lab coat buddy. His skills are pretty bone intensive, fair warning, but I find well worth it for the b2b np and looping support. I think jakeyb said paracelsus, sieg and probably Tamamono can loop through a good deal of Gilfest if you don’t have a skadi compatible looper ready

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I see. So right now I should prioritize Nito first since Shakespeare can already handle the 20% np charge for Arash/Spartacus

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If you manage to pull a scope you can Double Skadi System with Atalante and use the mages association mystic code so you can turn 1 np.

Otherwise Spartacus, STELAAA and Lancer Artoria can pretty easily farm most things if you’ve got the imaginary elements or kscopes to go around. T1 Arash np (level it a bit so you get 25% charge to use imaginary element with it) T2 Spartacus np(level the charge so it gives him 25% for Imaginary element) then Lancer artoria np (level the charge to max so you can freely use any 50% ce).
Damage wise you might struggle a little here and there if you’re getting counter classed (less of a problem with Arash, his damage is typically crazy enough to just nuke any wave 1) but if you’re just using them for embers and qp dailies you should have no problem.

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Nito is just never a bad choice. Get her skills to 10/8/X and she’ll do some serious work. She’ll be bond 10 before you know it.

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Thanks for the advice :fgo_ereshwoah:. If I managed to get a kscope, my np3 nyanta would certainly be a farming beast

Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Happy to help! I wish you luck with your team!

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